Ancient Tantra Yoga & Live Sound Healing in Brisbane, 10th December 2017

Ancient Tantra Yoga & Live Sound Healing

Experience an ancient yoga sequence from the tradition of Kaula Tantra Yoga integrated with live Sound Healing.

Each of these two modalities are individually designed to take you deep into a subconscious state. Interwoven together into one experience of sacred movement & sacred sound; this ancient Yoga technique & modern sound healing will create a deeply powerful and beautiful healing space.

Prior to leading this sequence, Gabriel (a qualified Tantric Yoga Teacher,) will present a one hour introduction to true traditional tantra and this system of yoga.

The traditional Kaula Trantra yoga system is a movement meditation using a beautiful integration of traditional yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork) and guided meditation and is designed to balance your 5 elemental energies. This is not the sexual practice of Tantra but rather the powerful traditional Hatha yogic system that increases Prana throughout the whole body & brings you more into contact with your true self.

During the two hour yoga sequence, ‘Haitch’ will create a live healing soundscape utliising a range of instruments such as slide Didgeridoo, Native American flutes, electric Indian zither and more.

Date: Sunday, 10th December, 2017
Time: 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Venue: Yoga in Daily Life,
Investment: EarlyBird – limited $55 Incl booking fee) pre-sale tickets then $60 thereafter & on the door.

GABRIEL SOL is a qualified teacher in a Traditional ‘Kaula’ Tantric system of Yoga. He will be sharing one of the oldest yoga sequences still in existence.

This unique Tantric yoga sequence is called the ‘Tri-Dosha’ – a yoga system designed to balance the 5 basic elements that exist within our bodies and this Universe.
This asana sequence has been handed down through generations of Kaula Tantra teachers.
This approach to ?sana comes from a timeless tantric formula based on the subtle energy system to take you deep into the powerful subconscious while activating Pranic flow throughout the body. This was the original intention of Ancient Yoga.
The earliest evidence of a documented system of asana (postures) come from texts written by Tantrics and it is appears that the traditional Hatha Yoga systems were Tantric systems.

HAITCH will be creating a sublime live Sound Healing during the Tantra Yoga Sequence. Haitch traces his sound healing work form its roots in Naad Yoga, a traditional form that is based on the concept that the entire cosmos, including human beings, is made up of sound vibrations.” Haitch uses a variety of instruments to create his soundscape including flutes, didgeridoo and vocals.


4.45pm THE BANDHAS: Practicing the three Bandhas
5.30pm GUIDED YOGA SEQUENCE 2.5 HOURS: Tri-Dosha yoga sequence with live Sound Healing
8.00pm FINISH

TANTRA PHILOSOPHY: The workshop will start with an introduction to this Asana system, including some practical preparation as well as a metaphysical understanding. Gabriel will introduce the philosophy of Kaula Tantra, with some context to modern Yoga and modern Tantra.

TRI-DOSHA SEQUENCE: The sequence will be approx 2.5 hours, but the use of pranayama (breath) and the movement in and out of relaxation poses (like shavasana) combined with Haitch’s mesmerising sound healing means the experience feels deeply relaxing and timeless, moving you into unconscious states that allow for energy re-balancing and re-mapping of the unconscious mind.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently experiencing any deep emotional or psychological issues please discuss with Gabriel before booking. Due to the breath work contained in the sequence it would be best to discuss your situation.

Gabriel’s journey in this tantric system of yoga began with an intensive traditional learning & initiation at Shri Kali Tantra Ashram in India. During this time he qualified as a Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher (certified 500 hours ‘Yoga Alliance’ Teacher Training). Gabriel has also practised a range of modern yoga systems over the last 15 years and completed a Hatha Teacher Training with the Himalayan Yoga Institute (Rishikesh, India) as well as intensive training with a second tantra lineage – Mahasiddha Yoga (Rishikesh, India).

His life-long exploration of movement and spirituality includes practicing as a Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist, 5 Rhythm Dance Therapy, Brazilian Capoeira, Korean Tae Kwon Do & Energy Healing from Japanese lineages. Gabriel holds a Masters degree, focusing on common global values that are expanding human consciousness.

Gabriel’s Kaula Tantra teacher, Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha uniquely received this knowledge from two complimentary streams of Tantra. He was immersed in Tantric science by his grandparents who were right-hand tantrics (Dak?i?a Marga) & was also the last initiated student of a traditional lefthand tantric (V?ma Marga) ?c?rya.


Haitch is a South East Queensland musician, composer & sound healer. Bringing a fresh twist to the world music, devotional and yoga scenes, his style is expansive and deep. Sharing music and movement in ‘Yoga Soundcapes’ sessions, holding devotional ‘Chanting to Bliss’ concerts & facilitating ‘Soundwaves’ sound healing journeys. Haitch sharing his passion for this technique, used for music and medically diagnosed sleep and breathing disorders. Circular Breath also manufactures a range of telescopic style didgeridoo or ‘Breath Strengthening Pipes’ here in Australia.
Haitch performs entrancing and moving soundscapes performed on Yidaki Didgeridoo, Slide Didge, Native American Flutes, Trumpet, Zither, Singing Bowls, Synthesizer, Vocals and more.

REVIEWS from Gabriel’s previous Kaula Tantra Workshops

Meaghan Gardner
“I’ve been practicing yoga for so long and I can truly say that the connectedness, limitless and peacefulness was amazing. Not something that I have experienced in yoga practice up until then. A definite shift of openness and expansion towards all that is. It feels so magical…”

Roshni Rebecca
Thank you to Gabriel Sol for sharing this work & word handed down directly from his Guru in India… & thank you for reminding me of what ‘tantra’ really is… A word so widely misinterpreted nowadays.

Marni JerseyTrucker Whatuira
“Gabe’s Traditional Tantra yoga workshop exceeded my expectations. My experience with the practice was one I have never felt before, it was delicious and deep, I felt incredibly relaxed, calm, no mental chatter after the workshop and for a few days after.”

Samantha Vaughan
“Wow what a privilege that was… feeling so blessed and grateful to be able to be apart of experiencing two amazing ancient systems. Gabriel is an absolute inspiration, his yoga teachings are like no other and combining that with Haitch was the perfection collaboration.

Seraya Young
“Thank you Gabriel and Haitch for a great experience – shifted my yoga practice into a new space”

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