Astrological Dreams

Astrological Dreams

Each and every human being has dreams! Dreams can range from calm and gentle to horrifying and disturbing, either way astrological dreams are a real mystery and most of us have no idea what they actually mean!

In ancient Greek time, they believed that the gods would visit us in our dreams to deliver messages. Later on, they believed that the soul of the person dreaming would leave their physical body and actually visit the places and situations that they saw in their dreams. These very same view on dreams were supported by Indians, Chinese people and Hindu Astrologers.

The Egyptians were among the first to attempt to interpret the mystery of their dreams, they believed that dreams were simply a process of Dream Incubation! This process originated in Egypt, they believed that when a person has upset, trouble or negativity within their life, they would experience these instances in their dreams and that they would receive guidance from God. Once people received the message from God, they would take the message to a priest and the priest would interpret the dream for them so that they could remedy the dream in a positive way. Indian Astrologers in Melbourne have a great depth and knowledge about dreams, what they mean and how they affect us.

Hippocrates believed that the soul receives messages during the day and then when you sleep at night the images present in our dreams. The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle believed that dreams were most probably strong indicators of conditions within our bodies. He didn’t believe that our dreams were divinely inspired, but rather our dreams were based on the internal sensations within our bodies.

When it comes to the Romans that believed that dreams were messages from Gods and that the emperor Augustus ruled that anyone who had a dream must proclaim it within the market place.

In more modern day times Sigmund Freud a neurologist, believed that dreams are desires that a person desires for themselves during the time they are awake. These dreams are then stored in the subconscious mind and then when the person is sleeping the same experiences and desires are presented in the form of dreams.

A well known psychiatrist and psychotherapist who had their theory on dreams was Swiss Carl Jung, he believed that people had different personality types, therefore they would appear in different people or images whilst people were dreaming. For example he believed that the pureness and innocence within a person may appear as a child. Another theory is when someone such as a teacher or father appears in a dream, the person may appear as a wise old man, giving guidance within the dream!

When a dream is negative and frightening, it quite often means that the person experiencing bad dreams is experiencing weakness, negativity and fear. These fears then present themselves in frightening figures! Facing our fears allows us to overcome and resolves those issues. He also believed that when dreams are interpreted from within our conscious mind and that it helps us to understand our life problems. Visiting an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne can help you reveal those fears and they can give you positive feedback on how to move forward and inevitably conquer them.

American psychologist Calvin Hall believes that dreams are most likely to be a cognitive. He presented to his professional field that a dream was simply a thought or sequence of thoughts that occurred during sleep and that dream images are visual representations of personal conceptions. He believed that there are two main reasons behind dreams, the first one is the psychological and physiological changes that happen within our body. A classic example of this is when we fear something, quite often we will dream that we are being chased by something or someone.

The second reason for our dreams is our Astral Travel! When we fall into a very deep sleep, our bodies start to completely relax, then after a while the Astral Travel slowly raises our body from the physical body. Basically the Astral Body is built into the physical body and during the night when our physical body is sleeping our Astral Body floats like a feather in the air.

Apparently, the Astral Body can visit any place in the world at lightening speeds. Our bodies can even travel deep into the sea and fly high up in the sky! Our Astral body is just so amazing that it can travel to other planets and galaxies within the universe! It is been said that when our Astral Body travels, that creatures come in contact with us at various planes. Astrological Dreams can sometimes give our souls the feeling of higher dimensions, these dimensions may communicate with our Astral Body.

Once the Astral Body has roamed around as much as it likes, it eventually returns back to the physical body. Most of the time, the Astral Body forgets what happened and how it roamed around, this is due to the physical brain. At times, the images we have of these roaming are recalled by the body and these images are then remembered through scenes played out in our dreams when we are asleep.

Hindu Astrologers in Melbourne are very aware that our dreams mean something and that they are easily interpreted.

For example if you dream about an accident, it may mean that you are not feeling your best emotionally. If you dream about air, then it simply means that your sheer intelligence will most probably bring you a reward.

Dreams containing of you enjoying alcohol, may mean that you will be successful in some type of deal. When you see angels in your dream, it means that you have a pure heart and that you will most probably receive some type of spiritual help in the future.

Dreaming about some type of animal usually represents your hidden desires and feelings. Different animals usually have different meanings behind them, for example if you dream about ants that usually means that certain things that are unimportant are bothering you.

Dreams that include babies in them can indicate that you are involved in something in a strong mental way. A baby is usually seen in dreams when you are awakened by the purity in your heart. In circumstances when you’re chasing dreams it usually means that you are being chased by someone or some type of animal. It can also mean that you have a fear of being attacked, even opposed by someone or something. It could be that you are having difficulties in your marriage or at work with a particular work colleague. When you have a dream that is about some type of colour, it usually implies to our mental health and mental condition. For example, the colour blue means peace and a reserved nature, the colour gold means spiritual success and the colour white is the sign of purity and perfection.

If you have dreams about the Earth, then this means that you need to try and be a little more practical in your life and have a little more patience. Many people have dreams about them falling high from the sky, this usually indicates that you are struggling to control the position that you are currently in and that you most probably feel inferior or insure in your present day life.

Astrological Dreams may even contain visual images of fire, this usually means that you’re feeling angry and destructive toward someone or something and that you may be experiencing obstacles in your life. When you see flowers in a dream, it usually means that rewards, success and honour is heading your way.

Flying dreams has to be one of the most talked about dreams, it usually indicates that you have risen high in your position and that you are going to achieve something new and grand in the future. When you are flying low in your dreams that means you are experiencing things like obstacles and you will need to try and clear them to become successful.

Hindu Astrologers are quiet often asked about dreams that contain exams, if you dream about not being prepared in an exam and not doing well, then it usually means that you have neglected certain parts of your life that you will need to look into and rectify.

For those who dream about some type of fruit, you would be interested to know that it means a reward of some time, financial gains and happiness. Many people dream of travelling overseas, this usually indicates that you need to change something in your present life. It can also mean that you will have a new friend or companion that you can hang out with and have good times entering your life.

A popular dream is one of money! When money presents itself in a dream, it usually indicates an increase in your income. Another dream that is quiet common is a dream where your teeth are falling out, this represents anxiety and stress that surrounds you in your life. It also may represent the fear of getting old. Indian Astrologers in Melbourne are highly in tune with dreams and can translate what your dreams actually mean. They can bring peace in your life when your dreams are bothering you or unsettling you.

When dreaming about water, this represents that you are emotionally and spiritually sound. When water is muddy and unclear, it usually means that you may face some obstacles.

If you ever dream about the sky, you would be interested in knowing it represents new hope and happiness. If in your dreams the sky is cloudy and grey than you may experience some troubled times ahead. When you dream about some type of temple that usually means you have reached some type of spiritual level, peace, luck and good health.

To find out more about your dreams, why not contact an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne so that they can help you decode them and bring sense to their meanings.

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