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Australian Immigration Centre Sydney, NSW

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Visiting a new country, whatever be the reason, is always an exciting proposition. And when it comes to Australia, it’s easy to understand why. With world class infrastructure, cosmopolitan cities, vibrant culture, breathtaking beaches along a sprawling coastline, the Great Outback, rainforests and more, there is so much to explore and engage in.

However, the visa application process can be rather stressful and confusing for the best of people. And here is where we come in.

We’re the Australian Immigration Centre, a team of experienced immigration professionals, dedicated to ease out this very hassle, by providing reliable, quality and affordable immigration services in all areas.

We’re focussed on delivering client delight, and value the relationships we build with our clients. Our team of Registered Migration Agents are not only academically qualified, but also go the extra mile to understand our clients’ specific requirements, to provide customized services tailored to their needs.

If you’re looking to visit Australia, then do reach out to us. After all, the Australian Immigration Centre, Sydney is a specialist migration consultancy of repute, and you can be assured of transparency and integrity.


Student Visa

Applying for student visa could be quite complicated and challenging process, but Australian Immigration Centre’s trained counsellors are highly experienced and experts in helping students through the entire application process. Student visa is meant only for individuals travelling to Australia with the purpose of achieving higher education. There are many kinds of student visas; the one you require depends basically on the kind of study you wish to undertake.

Visitor Visa

The visitor visa allows you to visit the country for tourism purposes or for business visitor activities including attending conferences and exploratory or negotiation business visit. It is meant for people intending to visit the country for a short duration of time, maximum 1 year.

Working Holiday Visa

This visa is actually meant for young people who wish to engage in some sort of work, while holidaying in Australia for a maximum of 12 months. The applicant should be minimum 18 years of age and less than 31 years old.

Family Visa

Australia recognizes the importance of family and understands that family members need to be together. Australia acknowledges the fact that dependent family members would be requiring support from their relatives. The Australian family migration scheme allows Permanent Residents and Australian Citizens to sponsor their relatives to join them on a permanent or temporary basis in Australia. Family visa could be of many kinds including partner visa, spouse visa, prospective marriage visa, parent or child visa etc. This is an extremely complicated issue and you need to seek guidance from competent visa management services.

Partner Visa

This is applicable to partners of Australian permanent residents, Australian citizens and also, eligible New Zealand Citizens. Married partner, fiancé, fiancée, and also, de-facto partners that includes same sex partners are acknowledged as partners according to the Australian immigration law.

Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)

In case your visa application has been rejected, you could apply to Migration Review Tribunal for a review. The MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) provides an autonomous as well as final merits review regarding decisions made relating to visas for travelling to, entering or staying in Australia.

Skilled Visa

This visa is meant for individuals possessing exceptional skill in some field that can be beneficial to the Australian economy. Exceptional and Brilliant trade achievements or university qualification is the essential eligibility criteria.

Employer Nomination Scheme

The ENS or Employer Nomination Scheme is actually a permanent or temporary residency visa that lets Australian employers sponsor employees belonging to a foreign nationality for residency visa for working in Australia. Australian employers could nominate only highly-skilled overseas employees for filling positions which could not be filled from individuals within Australia’s own labour market or through training programs of the concerned employer.

Refugee Visas

Refugee visa is meant for people who seem to be outside Australia, are residing outside their own home country and are being persecuted in their own home country. This is supposed to be a permanent visa that gives you the permission not only to live, but also, work in Australia as permanent residents and avail Medicare and Centrelink services.

Business Skills Visa

This visa is meant for highly successful and accomplished business people, who are invited to settle down here so that they could contribute to the economy in a grand way.

Skilled Graduate Subclass 485

This is meant exclusively for overseas students who were not able to comply with customary GSM norms. This visa holder is allowed to stay in Australia for duration of 18 months for gaining work experience or improving English language skills.

GSM Visa subclass 190

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department provides this type of visa to exceptionally skilled workers and highly-qualified professionals who have been nominated by state or territorial governments in Australia. You need to obtain a specific number of points/marks in your SkillSelect evaluation.


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