Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton Calls For Tougher Citizenship Test

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton Calls For Tougher Citizenship Test to Weed Out Terrorists!

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has called for a tougher citizenship test! Mr Dutton said that said that we need to have a debate on revamping the citizenship test and that it is debate worth having! The federal government is looking at taking solid measures to help prevent terrorist from exploiting current pathways.

Mr Dutton is looking at strengthening people’s ability to settle and integrate within the Australian society and lifestyle by focusing on the individuals willingness to learn how to speak English, the employment prospects of that individual, the potential of that person ending up on welfare and the subject of educating their children.

Mr Dutton mentioned that there is an overwhelming support from the Australian community in regards to the proposed changes to new immigrants applying to sit for the citizenship test. he also mentioned that there are many people who would like to fast track the process by demonstrating that they are willing and have settled and integrated into the Australian way of life.

Senator Leyonhjelm apparently was noted saying that raising the Raising the bar on citizenship is the right response to the concern about immigration which is currently circulating in Australia! He has also believes that Australians should look and learn from the potential model that Switzerland has in place, where a sponsorship program allows other fellow citizens to vouch for applicants applying.

Senator Leyonhjelm also mentioned that the citizenship test could cover people’s links to the overall community, their work history and fundamental liberal democratic values such as free speech, equality before the law, rights of women and respect for diversity in this country.

The current citizenship test that is causing so much controversy was initiated by the Howard government in 20017 and generally covers topics such as geography, history, the government, sporting events in Australia and the Australian way of life and traditions. To further the citizenship test, the Rudd government tried to improve the citizenship test by adding subjects such as civic duty and responsibilities that we share here in Australia.

He also included important subjects such as the importance of ANZAC Day and the significance behind it, the general role and duties of the Governor General, general laws within Australian society, the government and the role it plays within Australia and the privileges and responsibilities of becoming an Australian citizen. In order to pass the current citizenship test, the applicant must answer at least 15 out of the 20 questions correctly, in general the pass rate is up by 60% compared to the old test.

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