Big week of festivals in Murwillumbah, 3rd-8th August 2017

This is Invitation is for all not just those that are in Australia because some of the festivals will be LIVE video streamed to Facebook. Vi??kh? Dev? D?s?

Saturday 5 Aug
6 hour Kirtan 3pm – 9pm

Haribol dear devotees and guests

Please lets come together to celebrate and honour these coming festivals at Sri Girirajj Govardhan Gaudiya Math.

Friday 4th August ~ 4PM to 7:30PM
Jhulan yatra (swing festival) and Srila Rupa Goswamis disaperance day. There will be Kirtan, hari-katha, arati and prasad.

Saturday 5th August ~ 3PM to 9PM
6 hour Kirtan Mela. This is our first 6 hour kirtan so please come with your hearts for the pleasure and mercy of Sri Nityananda and Mahaprabhu ! Some kirtaniyer guests from brisbane and Gold coast are coming, and our temples kirtaniyers will be there too ! There will be some spiritual gifts for the participating kids so bring all your children, friends and family! Ending with special prasad.

Monday 7th August ~ 4PM to 7:30PM
Baladev Purnima. The Program will be kirtan, hari katha, arati and prasad !

(02) 66728258
More info to be announced

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