Business Inception Camp VIII in Sydney, September 30th – October 4th 2017

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  • Venue: 2 Gilba Rd, Pendle Hill NSW 2145, Australia
  • Date: September 30 – October 4
  • Time: Sep 30 at 8 AM to Oct 4 at 4 PM
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To succeed in business, you need customers.

To get more customers, you need to Generate More Leads and Convert More of those Leads into Buyers.

In other words, you need to get very good at 2 aspects of Business Development, namely:
1. Lead Generation
2. Sales Conversion

Business Inception Camp covers these 2 aspects in details that includes:
* 5 Principles (BIC Panchsheel) to build the qualities of a determined person and entrepreneur
* What is business?
* What is the purpose of business?
* What is the purpose of business owner?
* Dual role of an Entrepreneur to plan for converting their business into a Passive Income Source
* The roadmap to make this happen
* Sure shot way to kill competition
* Understanding the drive that compels people to buy and building the business model around it
* “Understanding is not Realisation and Realisation is not Liberation”… The relevance of this Buddhist saying in business
* How to address the question “Your price is too high…”
* How to convert a Commodity into a Valuable Resource that can’t be compared to your competition anymore
* How to make Decisions such that you will never fail
* How to gather requirements and have your customers conspire for your success
* How to create your Vision, Mission and Values
* How to identity and target the most relevant leads without Advertising
* Understanding the real meaning of Acceptance and the critical role it plays in improving your sales conversion rate
* Understanding how Detachment can sky-rocket your sales conversion rate
* Shifting from being a Hero to being a Warrior
* Understanding why I say, “Every business is a Network Marketing business” and preparing your Sales Funnel that works
* Understanding how to “hack” the human biological code that links our Thoughts to our Results
* Good companies have leaders at the top. Great companies have leaders everywhere. How to become a great leader that becomes capable of doing great things
* Understanding the barriers to negotiations and have answers to address them
* Understanding 7 Laws of Human Behavior that will help you to design effective Sales Funnels
* Understanding 7 Limiting Patterns that can improve your relationships in business with your staff, customers, vendors, investors and business partners.
* Understanding 4 Personality Types and how they make their buying decision so you can go prepared
* And ultimately, bring this all together in a 90 Days Action Plan that is Practical, Functional, Realistic and Achievable. You will know exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it in order to setup a profitable and sustainable business

These are just some highlights of what we cover. The full extent of it is indescribable. It can only be experienced!

This is not a Seminar or Lecture.
This is a Hand-Holding Workshop.
This means that you will not only learn Advance Techniques but will also implement them as models specific to your business, in the camp. This hand-holding will even continue once this camp is finished.

You may have read about many such concepts from books or internet before. You may have watched videos on them. You may have attended Seminars…

The question is, “Does any of them provide you custome hand-holding? Is any of them available to you to answer your specific questions? Even the seminars you attended, does the trainer gave you their direct number to contact them after the seminar and ask them for further help?”

To evaluate if this camp is for you or not, ask yourself these 2 questions:
1. How can this hand-holding help me and my business?
2. Am I ready to receive this hand-holding?

For any question or more details on Program Structure, Ticket Price and Latest Offer, please send email to

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