Buy Indian Beer in Australia (Kingfisher, Haywards 5000, Godfather)

Are you a Beer Drinker? Have you always wondered where to buy your favourite brand Indian Beer in Australia. Some of the well known Beer Brands in India include Kingfisher, Haywards 5000, Thunderbolt, Godfather, Knockout, Kalyani Black Label, Taj Mahal Indian Lager, Tiger, Lion, Cobra and Zingaro.

Kingfisher, the most commonly consumed Beer in India is easily available to buy at Bottle stores such as Dan Murphy’s, LiquorLand, BWS. and Booze Company

Kingfisher Beer (5%)

Alcohol Volume 5.0%

Kingfisher Brand Indian Beer can be easily bought from Dan Murphy’s, LiquorLand, BWS. and The Booze Company

This Indian Lager from Kingfisher is clean and refreshing. Stands well alongside curries and other spicy dishes.

Haywards 5000 (8%)

Haywards 5000 (8%) Brand beer is High Strength American Beer very Popular in India. You can buy this beer online from the

Kalyani Black Label (8%)

Alcohol Volume 8.0%

Kalyani Black Label (KBL) is a strong Beer Brand in India from a town called Kalyani in West Bengal. Buy Kalyani Online from the Booze Company.

Godfather Strong Beer (7.5%)

Alcohol Volume 7.5%

Buy it Online from the Booze Company

Godfather Strong is one of India?s top selling strong beers and is particularly popular in Northern India. It has a smooth, full bodied flavor with a stable head and good mouth fullness. At 7.5% alcohol, Godfather Strong packs a punch for a true beer lover!

Taj Mahal Indian Lager (4.5%)

Alcohol Volume 4.5%

Not Available in Australia

Taj Mahal Indian Beer is Brewed by United Breweries – UB Group India.

Taj Mahal Indian Lager is currently not available to buy in Australia but many Indian restaurants in Australia serve this beer.

Thunderbolt (9%)

Alcohol Volume 9%

Thunderbolt Beer is brewed by a company in Mohali, Punjab called Mount Shivalik.

Not Available in Australia

Knockout (8%)

Alcohol Volume 8.0%

Not Available in Australia

Knockout brand Indian beer is currently not available for sale in Australia.

Today there are millions of consumers in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, AP, and some parts of the northern India for whom the brand has come to acquire an iconic status.

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