Byron Odissi Intensive Workshop in Sydney, 10th-14th August 2017

This 5 day workshop is an introduction to the mesmerising art of Odissi dance for beginners, and an accelerated development program for continuing students, led by Monica Singh Sangwan.

Odissi is the temple dance form of Odisha, situated on the east coast of India. It is a 2000 year old classical dance tradition that is rich in spiritual depth yet contemporary in its expression, renowned for its enchanting sinuous postures and bold rhythms set to melodious music.

Monica emigrated to Australia on a Distinguished Talent Visa in 2010. Over 23 years of teaching and performing Odissi, Monica has earned a reputation as an exceptional teacher and performer, and has transformed dancers all over the world with her intensive and residential workshops.

This workshop the first of a program of THREE ODISSI WORKSHOPS to be held in a 12 month period. Together, the three workshops offer aspiring Odissi dancers one year’s worth of authentic Odissi dance instruction.

The first workshop comprises a minimum of 15 hours of instruction over five days (Thursday to Monday), and lays the foundation of Odissi dance, its basic movements and theory.

Participants will experience the transformative power of daily guided dance practice, in a serene and positive environment.

More advanced students will have the chance to refresh their understanding of the basics and also learn a composition according to their calibre. Everyone will get a great workout!

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Workshop schedule (to be confirmed):
Thursday 10th August 6-9pm
Friday 11th August 6-9pm
Saturday 12th August 10am-3pm (including 1 hour lunch break)
Sunday 13th August 10am-3pm (including 1 hour lunch break)
Monday 14th August 6-9pm

Cost: $320 per person

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email, or by making a post on this event’s page, or sending a private message to Academy of Vedic Arts.

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