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Casey Building Consultants Melbourne

Mobile: 0433 360 660
Telephone: 03 8738 9927
Facebook: Facebook
Address: 22 Freshfields Drive, Cranbourne North, Victoria, 3977
Suburb: Cranbourne North
City: Melbourne

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Casey Building Consultants Melbourne

  • Pre renovation building Inspection
  • Building consultancy services
  • Final handover inspection
  • Building and termite inspection
  • Final home inspection
  • Pre sale home inspection
  • New home inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Home Inspection
  • Pre Purchase Inspections
  • Pre Purchase Home Inspections
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections
  • Building And Pest Inspection
  • Home And Pest Inspection
  • Building And Pest Control
  • New House Consultancy Services
  • Building Consultants
  • Building Inspector

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi

Contact Details
Address: 22 Freshfields Drive, Cranbourne North, Victoria, 3977
Telephone: 03 8738 9927
Mobile: 0433 360 660
Facebook: Casey Building Consultant

Opening Times
Monday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Tuesday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Thursday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Friday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM-6:00 PM

Building Inspector and Associates

At Casey building consultants we have a team of building professionals. We consult on passive design, energy rating and thermal performance of existing and future homes. We have qualified professional building consultant for your service.

In addition to pre purchase home inspections and new home inspections, we offer expert advice on other building materials and phenomena’s related to residential buildings class 1A and class 10 in accordance with NCC 2016.

We are an established building consultancy run by a qualified building inspector,operating throughout Melbourne and Peninsula.we offer professional services including home inspections with full comprehensive reports Protect yourself by having our expertise working for you.

We will eliminate the risk, which could save you thousands in the future.

  • Thermal efficiency
  • Energy rating
  • Glazing
  • Light and ventilation
  • Footings and slabs
  • Insulation
  • Thermal mass
  • Passive design

Building Consultancy Services

Casey building consultancy Services have formed a network of like-minded professionals. We range from Architects, Structural Engineers, Bush fire consultants, Environmental and Landscape consultants who we work closely with to ensure your project receives the attention it deserves. We can refer you to our team if required.

It is important for homes be designed or modified to ensure that the occupants remain thermally should be achieved by using minimum artificial heating or cooling in the climate where they are built. Passive design is an important component, as well as energy efficient heating and cooling systems.They relay a lot on smart behavior by the occupants.

We spend most of our life inside buildings. We grow up, live and work in buildings and the quality of built environment around us can have dramatic effects on our lives, happiness, health and productivity. Sustainable and thermally efficient design, means better quality buildings that enhance our life experience inside them and reduce their impact on the natural environment. we can help to bring happiness in your family’s daily life by helping you to build a healthy, sustainable building design.

Thermal efficiency

The thermal efficiency of a house is best described as the amount of energy used to get desired thermal comfort. Less the energy used to get more out of it best thermal practice. We will take care of your dream home and make sure it will perform best in all weathers. To achieve best thermal performance, we have to take few items and factors into consideration. At Casey building consultants it is our main goal to “make your home better”.

Energy rating

Thermal performance of a building is commonly used to describe its energy rating system  . Energy rating was started in 2007 to make all new builds and renovation to a minimum of 5 stars.It was improved to 6 stars in 2011 . Our qualified energy raters will make sure that your home will achieve 7 to 8-star rating with some modifications in your home design.

Our Building Consultancy Services in Melbourne on common building materials used in energy rating. INSULATION

Insulation is an essential component of thermal efficient design. It improves building envelope performance by minimising heat loss and heat gain through walls, roof and floors.


Externally insulated, dense materials like concrete, bricks and other masonry are used in passive design to absorb, store and re-release thermal energy. This moderates internal temperatures by averaging day/night (diurnal) extremes, therefore increasing comfort and reducing energy costs.


Casey Building Consultancy Services will improve thermal performance of your home by selecting suitable glazing. Windows and glazing are a very important component of passive design. Heat loss and gain in a well-insulated home occurs mostly through the windows and doors.

With good passive design, this is used to advantage by trapping winter heat whilst excluding summer sun. Cooling breezes and air movement are encouraged in summer and cold winter winds are excluded.

Windows in a typical insulated home can account for more heat gain or loss than any other element in the building fabric. In summer heat gain through an unshaded window can be 100 times greater than through the same area of insulated wall. One square metre of ordinary glass can let in as much heat as would be produced by a single bar radiator. In winter, heat lost through a window can be ten times more than through the same area of insulated wall.

Glazing is a key element of your home’s design providing, light, ventilation, noise control and security.

It can enhance the appearance and amenity of your home, providing views and connection with outdoor spaces. You can enjoy these benefits and have high thermal performance by selecting the right type of glass and frames and choosing the right size, location and shading of windows.

We can follow simple principles at design stage, to optimise the thermal performance which includes:

  • Locate and size windows and shading to let sunshine in when the temperature is cold and exclude it when it is its hot.
  • Use thermal mass to store the sun’s heat and provide night-time warmth in cold conditions.
  • Locate window and door openings to allow natural cooling by cross ventilation.
  • Provide seals to openings to minimise unwanted draughts.
  • The most cost-effective way to achieve good thermal performance is to incorporating passive solar principles at design stage.

U Value

The volume of heat transferred through the window is measured by U-value. The lower the U-value the better the insulation properties of the aluminium window – the better it is at keeping the heat or cold out. In all cases regardless of climate zone an aluminium window with good insulation properties will help to improve the comfort of your home. To comply with energy reports U values must be Lower than or equal to that specified in the report.


Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or SHGC is a measure of how much solar radiation passes through the window. In a cool climate, windows which have a high SHGC allow a greater amount of solar radiation to pass through, offering free solar heating for the home. Glass selection has a considerable effect on the SHGC of a window or door. To comply with energy reports. It be within 10% of the set value.

Passive design is the process of designing a building envelope which does not require mechanical heating or cooling. As awareness of sustainability, internal climate control and desire for comfort in our dwellings increases it is important to consider passive design a guiding philosophy for the design and construction of new homes or buildings.

Casey Building Consultancy Services will improve thermal performance of your home by selecting suitable window frames. Correct specification and selection of aluminium windows and aluminium doors can be an integral part of a successful passive design process, improving energy efficiency and comfort of your home.Passively designed Homes take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort.


Casey Building Consultancy Services will help to get best out of your slabs by insulating them. Slabs are an important part of house construction as thermal energy tends to get away through slabs as well. we can insulate Slabs to achieve better thermal performance.

Classification Based On Site Reactivity

Class   Foundation

A Most sand and rock sites with little or no ground movement from moisture changes

S Slightly reactive clay sites, which may experience only slight ground movement from moisture changes

M Moderately reactive clay or silt sites, which may experience moderate ground movement from moisture changes

H1 Highly reactive clay sites, which may experience high ground movement from moisture changes

H2 Highly reactive clay sites, which may experience very high ground movement from moisture changes

E Extremely reactive sites, which may experience extreme ground movement from moisture changes

P Engineered slab for sites with problems.

New Home Inspections

Moving into a new build property should mean a complete ready-made home. Where you don’t need to fix anything. But what if the inside of the property is not as flawless as you expected? Did you know if your shiny new home is fully up to scratch? Reality is you are never going to get a 100% flawless home. Therefore, the main objective of our new home inspections is to make sure you get what you are paying for. During our final home inspection or pre handover inspection our qualified building inspector will have a walk through with you. We will try to find out if anything in building envelop does not comply with building regulations or minimum Australian standards.

Construction industry is booming in Melbourne. It means builders having more work than usual, with this growing demand of housing. This is puting extra pressure on their supervisor to deliver at fast pace. This urgency results into poorly build new homes because one supervisor has too many properties to look after. It leads to poor quality and mistakes from unprofessional, unqualified and underpaid work force they had to employ to meet the demand. They try to save some money by cutting the corners. so, it is very important to have a final handover inspection done before giving final bank cheque to builder.

Why Choose us for pre handover inspection.

We never, ever work for developers or builders unlike many other inspection companies. When it comes to helping you to get things put right we don’t compromise with quality. Our final home inspection is in your best interest only.
Firstly, we provide highly qualified and experienced building inspectors. They have completed pre occupancy inspection over thousands of new homes nationwide. Secondly, we have combined their professional knowledge to produce an effective snagging methodology. This is under constant development to produce best Final home inspection report. This is the first time that the knowledge of chartered surveyors, senior site managers, building surveyors, architects and developers has been combined. Finally, we developed a new homes snagging methodology to produce final handover inspection report and we are extremely pleased with the results.

Services we provide in new home inspections

The main objective of our new home inspections is to make sure you get everything you paid for while building your dream home. Other services in new home inspections are:

  • Final home inspection
  • Pre handover inspection
  • Final handover inspection
  • Pre occupancy inspection

While all these services serve only one purpose but still they are somewhat different from each other depending on the nature of work.

Building and Termite Inspection

Home is a wonderful place. Not only is it comfortable for your family, it’s also an ideal place for termites. They need food, moisture and shelter from the elements and predators. Your home provides all of these without the threat of any natural predators. Our Building and Termite Inspection considers all aspects of the property. We uncover defects that an untrained eye would leave undetected. We perform our building and pest inspection using latest technology thermal cameras.

Our experienced building and termite inspector says just because you don’t see any pests, therefore, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. When defects are discovered we will tell you what the defect is, where the defect is and what are the likely consequences if the defect is not repaired.

Why choose us for building and pest inspection in Melbourne?

During our Building and termite inspection, Our qualified building inspector will thoroughly inspect each and every corner of property. We will look for any sign or existence of pests or termites. Our building and termite inspection is up to date with latest technology because we use latest thermal imaging cameras to detect termites and pests.

Pests can be very dangerous for a home and its occupants because they spread numerous diseases. They can cause illnesses, such as salmonella and dysentery causing headaches, fever, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Pests can also contaminate food sources within the home causing food borne illnesses. It is very important to have a home and pest inspection before you consider to buy it.

Performing Building And Pest Inspection Using Thermal Cameras

Our infrared cameras detect heat. In other words, living termites in your home. Living objects emit warmth. The warmer the life, the brighter it appears on our thermal imager. White is hotter, black is colder hence it is very easy to track any termite or pest activity in a house.

Why we use latest tech thermal images for our house and pest inspections?

Our latest tech thermal cameras have advantages over vintage techniques used for inspection of pest and termites such as:

Tapping, drilling holes and pulling walls apart:  it is an old fashioned solution compared to Thermal cams cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology. Old messy way disturbs termites, making them go to ground only to pop-up somewhere else. And,

Trained dogs: Time and again, trained dogs have proven to be unreliable.

Moisture meters: Termites love moist, humid places like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Therefore, moisture meters often miss termite activity because they can’t distinguish between the existing moisture and the termite infestation.

Microwave systems:  Microwave systems are not effective in wet areas. they cannot detect termites under concrete slabs or through thick tree stumps. But thermal cams cutting-edge infrared thermal imaging technology can.

Building And Pest Control Using Latest Technology.

  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-invasive/ non-intrusive (no need to pull down walls etc.)
  • Non-destructive (sledge hammer-free zone)
  • No use of chemicals or radiation
  • Detects through concrete and into the thickest of tree stumps
  • It can detect termites in moist areas
  • Termites can’t sense the infrared rays so they won’t scatter like they do with microwaves.

In conclusion, it is clear that our building and pest inspection reports have high standards. they are prepared by our qualified and trained building inspector using latest thermal cams.Latest technology is having edge over all old techniques and serve the purpose of building and pest inspection in a true way. Secondly we are truly independent and work for you not the Builder or Real Estate Agents. we make ourselves available to discuss the content of the report with you in detail.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

The main objective of pre purchase building inspection or pre sale home inspection is that you are aware of what you are buying before you hand over the money. Our pre purchase house inspection will find if there are any major defects that could cost you dearly in the future. Are there any little problems, hidden or otherwise? If it is a new property, are you satisfied with work completed according to your expectations?
In our pre purchase inspections, we insure that you are fully aware of any issue that could have an effect on the final purchase price you are prepared to pay. Our qualified building inspector carry out pre purchase home inspection and pre purchase building inspections in accordance with AS 4349.

Why choose us for pre purchase building inspection.

Not only we provide professional service around Melbourne in pre purchase home inspections, we also have qualified building inspector to take care of your biggest investment in life. We provide professional advice for pre sale home inspection and pre renovation building inspection as well. Our Home inspections will fully take care of your interest either you decided to buy or sell your property.

During our pre sale home inspection, we will examine everything within your building envelope as well as around your property, as this is very important to examine during pre renovation building inspection or pre sale home inspection that everything should take into consideration within site boundary. We carry out our pre purchase home inspection is in accordance with AS4349 by a qualified building inspector.

Pre Purchase House Inspection for your biggest investment of life.

When you are buying a new home, you definitely want to have the confidence that it is not a damp or leaky building. Are you worried about quality of building fabric and weather it is installed properly?. The prime purpose of a pre purchase house inspection is to provide a thorough non-invasive infrared scan of the building to identify any significant moisture, air or heat leaks. this may affect your decision to purchase the property. Pre purchase home inspections or pre sale home inspections are not intended to point out every small problem or defect. A pre purchase home inspection is a tool to aid buyer to be better prepared and knowledgeable. Therefore, he has the ability to make an informed decision about concerned property as well as to get to know how pre purchase home inspection works.

Other services included in Pre Purchase House Inspection.

We provide very professional, detailed and easy to understand pre purchase inspection report in Melbourne. That includes all minor to major defects in detail with relevant photos to make it easy for you to understand. Other services from Casey building consultants are as following:

  • Pre Purchase Home Inspection
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections
  • Pre Sale Home Inspection
  • Pre Renovation Building Inspection

About Casey Building Consultants Melbourne UNBEATABLE PRICES

Not only do we provide the most experienced Inspectors in the area, we also offer the most competitive prices available!


Not only are our Inspections conducted in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards, if you are not happy with any aspect of our work, we guarantee to rectify the issues within 24 hours.


Our Building Inspector is available anytime on 0387389927 if you need any advice. This also applies after we have completed your Inspection – so don’t be afraid to call and ask 7 days a week!


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