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Dehsabzi Lawyers Sydney


Our team of practitioners include experienced solicitors and barristers who are highly skilled in an extensive range of matters including traffic, criminal, property and family law; personal injury, public liability, migration, debt recovery; and workers and motor vehicle accident injury compensation. We also provide expert or specialised advice on all practice areas aforementioned.

Our approach is clientele-based as we aim to build long-lasting relationships taking on the role of trusted advisors to the community. Our legal practitioners meticulously and carefully extract the significant legal issues and develop effective strategies to alleviate them; ultimately resolving your legal concerns.

Our firm adheres to a strict policy of trust, confidentiality, integrity and professionalism. Rest assured, your matter will be handled and overseen with the uttermost care by our esteemed and experienced team members. All information disclosed to our lawyers is privileged and strictly confidential. We pay particular attention to details as we aim to offer a complete and thorough representation in all matters.

Criminal Law

We advise on all criminal law matters from the minor to the extremely serious. Our barristers are masters of advocacy; they are well-versed and well known.

Traffic Matters

Our lawyers include criminal law experts who provide specialised advice on all traffic matters. Dehsabzi Lawyers provide notable results as we provide expert representation.

Dehsabzi Lawyers’s aim is to defend rigorously all cases no matter what sizes, and/or significantly reduce penalties where the situation allows by the law.

Personal Injury Law

The consequences of an injury in a public place, in a motor vehicle or during the course of employment can be seriously devastating to your way of life.

It can alter your life, unimaginably. We will explore all available avenues to ensure you are fully advised on your entitlement to benefits, compensation and damages.

Family Law

Our lawyers advise on specific personal issues depending upon particular domestic arrangements.

Such matters may include pre-nuptial agreements, division of property and certain rights arising from the relationship.

Civil / Commercial Law

We aim to find the most efficient and effective way to resolve all business and personal disputes.

We employ a range of dispute resolution strategies to minimise costs and avoid expensive litigation. These include: inquiries…

Property Law

Regardless of whether you are the purchaser or vendor we can act for any kind of disposal of property.

We can assist you to buy, sell, lease, hire, mortgage and/or license real property. We advise for domestic or business purposes.

Migration Law

We have registered migration agents with the requisite skill and experience, who provide advice on all migration matters including general and Business, Family, Humanitarian and Student visas …

Law of Defamation

The law of defamation is a highly complex and specialised area of the law which requires the expertise of specialised practitioners.

Our firm has considerable and significant experience in conducting cases within this area.

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  • Address: Level 4 – 91 George Street, Parramatta, Sydney, NSW
  • Telephone: (02) 9635 5566
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