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Dhir Associates Public Accountants Milton, Brisbane

Accounting, Tax Advisory, GST & Property Compliance, SMSF, Superannuation, Cloud Computing, Trust Audit, Payroll, Book Keeping…

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  • Address: 1/16 McDougall Street, Milton, Brisbane, QLD
  • Telephone: 0731982402
  • Email: enquiries@dhirassociates.com.au
  • Website: www.dhirassociates.com.au
  • Facebook: Dhir Associates

About Dhir Associates Brisbane

Dhir Associates is a professional accounting practice supporting all level of businesses & individuals throughout Australia. Our personalised services by our professionals will benefit all level of businesses and Individuals in terms of Accounting, Tax Advisory, GST & Property Compliance, SMSF, Superannuation, Cloud Computing, Trust Audit, Payroll, Book Keeping, and an array of other services.

At Dhir & Associates, our core goal is to help people and businesses thrive every day. It is, fundamentally, why we exist as a firm, and it applies as much to our clients as it does to our employees. What truly sets Dhir & Associates apart from other firms is our commitment to exceeding expectations on every engagement, big or small, for every client, local or national.

It’s about more than our depth of experience or technical excellence and more than our open, communicative culture. It’s about a firm-wide dedication to delivering service to every single client.

Dhir & Associates provides all business and accounting services as listed and we also provide a small business package which includes business and cash-flow management. This can help to take your business to the next level without having to worry about whether you are keeping up with the bookkeeping as much as what is required.

Our friendly professionals are also able to help with corporate restructure & board services and an array of tax advisory services. This allows us to aid businesses in the areas of GST and properties, QBCC applications, and much more. We have the experience to make a difference so that you don’t have to handle all of the documentation, compliance, and management on your own.

Our collaboration with different partners makes it possible for us to assist individuals and businesses in such areas as loan management, insurance and risk management as well as to help with the transition into retirement.


We at Dhir & Associates are able to offer professional advice for all types of business, from sole traders to private companies & trust. Our firm is client dedicated and adapts professional accounting services to suit our client needs including tailored packages for businesses. We are familiar with all cloud & latest accounting software’s and we partner with MYOB & Xero to provide best package for your business.
Our team can assist you in all stages of your business life, from start-up to maturity. We will continually endeavour to help you grow, while maintaining professionalism and understanding towards your needs.

We work for:

  • Individuals
  • Charities & Not-for-profit
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Private Companies

Financial Statements

Accountants at Dhir & Associates provide detailed financial statements for all entities regardless of their turnover.  Our knowledge of Australian Taxation law extends to complex areas that require financial reporting, ensuring you are compliant with all relevant regulations.


One of the most important steps in the preparation of financial information is the data entry. If the information isn’t inputted correctly, the financial information won’t be accurate.
Our highly experienced team of bookkeepers can make sure your chart of accounts, cost centres and accounts are set up for optimal reporting. Plus, we can ensure your GST coding is correct for accurate BAS preparation and use software shortcuts to get the job done efficiently.

Our bookkeepers are supported by accountants who are highly experienced in the not for profit sector.


We have been processing payroll for not for profit organisations for over a decade. Our clients appreciate not having to worry about staff going on holidays or keeping them up-to-date with constant regulatory changes. Our flexible approach means we can process your payroll in-house or remotely, and we can become your complete payroll solution or just fill in the gaps.
If you process payroll in-house there are a number of risks we can mitigate for you. We can provide back-up support in case your staff are unavailable due to illness or they leave unexpectedly, ensure you recruit the right staff by testing their proficiency and train them as required, and review policies, procedures, agreements and software to ensure compliance and maximise efficiency.

Cloud Accounting

At Dhir & Associates we know you have better things to do with your time. We have a simple solution that will overcome the burden of using latest software’s, so that businesses can spend more time focusing on business rather than on software’s.
For business owner’s still using spreadsheets or desktop based accounting software – these things are difficult to achieve. Dhir & Associates and cloud based accounting solutions can give you a helping hand.

Additional Accounting Services

In addition to our expert bookkeeping and accounting services, we can also assist your business with the costing of your financial performance and record reform services.


When you engage the team of Dhir & Associates for your auditing and assurance services, you work with experienced auditors. Our auditing experience covers small to medium companies and associations and as well as auditing of trust accounts for any business.

We use our best resources to provide business with a detailed report of your company’s performance and financial standpoint. We also identify potential weaknesses and recommend solutions to rectify the problem.


Our auditing services can provide companies, associations and trust account holders with assurance as to the accuracy of their financials. This allows our clients to make decisions to improve the overall efficiency of the business, armed with a reliable view of the financial status.

We recommend auditing for a variety of situations. If you intend to sell your business in the future, a record of audited financial statements gives purchasers confidence in the figures as well as giving you the benefit of an independent assessment of your affairs.


Board members, shareholders and executive managers are likely to require assurance in relation to their affairs. Solid risk management procedures are essential to ensure unexpected financial and operational problems are reduced. Internal controls are needed to ensure errors and fraud are minimised and accurate records are maintained. We provide a range of assurance services, which can be tailored to your specific circumstances.

Special Investigations

Our office can conduct investigations for:

Charities & Not-for-profit
Private Companies

As with all of our auditing and assurance processes, we always maintain regular communication lines with our clients during these investigations.


Business Services

Our office can provide assistance with business valuation and planning. The team at Dhir & Associates can help you with business advice and CFO services.  We bring a wide variety of experience across many industries, which allows us to give custom-made advice to our clients’ needs.

If you are unsure how we might be able to help you, our first meeting will be charged at set rate regardless of time spent  so that all your needs are satisfied  and all your queries are answered.

Business Valuations

You can rely on our qualified accountants to help in every situation weather if you are buying or selling a business, planning for your retirement, or you require a valuation to determine Capital Gains Tax liability.
Our accountants will provide you with expert, clear and point advice along with report which details the value of the business. We will help you to understand the factors that determine the value of your business, which can assist you in making financial decisions.

Strategic & Business Planning

We are able to assist you with planning for future growth, including correct strategies to get you started and maximise the bottom line.

We provide:

  • A current ‘snapshot’ of your business’s financial position
  • Advice and planning for growth strategies, including market expansion
  • Prepared and carefully evaluated business plans

Structural Advice

Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your business achieves growth in line with your financial and efficiency goals. All level of businesses will benefit from independent advice which can be provided by our friendly and expert team.

We work through all levels of the business, providing advice on what is the most efficient and cost-effective structure for your requirements.

Chief Financial Officer Services

Abhay Dhir has experience and can perform in a Chief financial officer capacity for your business, offering a cost effective solution to your personal financial requirements.

Whether you require this service for a temporary basis or longer term, we provide objective financial services including:

  • Independent in-depth periodical review of management accounts
  • Budgeting and updates based on actual results
  • Cash flow review and projections
  • Debtors and working capital review
  • Costs estimates and cost management
  • Insurance reviews
  • Company secretarial
  • Management of digital age developments
  • Price setting

Performance Monitoring

The key areas of performance we monitor include profitability, efficiency and liquidity. Performance monitoring allows shareholders, business owners and upper management to see a clear picture of the operation of your business. We have wide range of procedures for measuring and monitoring the performance of your business. Using this information, we can provide business owners with qualified opinions on improving business strategies.

Budgets & Cash Flow Projections

We at Dhir & Associates tell all our clients that Cash flow is the most essential part of the business as without this your business cannot be operate & manage successfully. Our qualified accountants can assist you in setting up current budgets for your business, as well as ongoing budgeting and cash flow projections to suit your business needs weather weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.
This will help you to manage the growth and profitability of your business. We can also help you plan for times of minimal or reduced cash flow.

Company & Trust Formations

There are many things to consider when starting a business and it is easy to miss an important step when you are focused on the task at hand.

We are registered agents with ASIC  so our office can assist you when setting up a company or trust. Some of the areas we can help with include:

  • Choosing a business name
  • Establishing a business structure that will serve your needs and ASIC registration
  • Consulting and providing advice on the appropriate choice of operation (such as sole proprietorship, partnership, trust or private company)
  • Providing an objective view of the future position of your business, following careful industry analysis
  • Assisting with changeover of company details following a merger or new purchase (including business name and type, share details, address and banking information etc.)

Succession Planning and Wealth Protection

Every family is different. We can use our experience to advise you how to structure transfers to the next generation and to protect against potential claims by others to the family assets.

Buying a Business

Put simply, all our skills are applied to advise you as to the fair value of a target business, and to identify risks associated with the proposed purchase. Timely advice could save you from a bad mistake.

Selling a business

We can help you prepare your business for sale including a realistic assessment of what it might be worth. This process could extend to some years to achieve the best result.


Tax Planning

To ensure positive taxation outcomes, we will assist you with structuring and tax planning. We review your business every quarter and the way it operates to ensure you do not pay more tax than required.

Tax Returns

Our tax accountants are able to complete and lodge tax returns for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts and self-managed super funds.

Our range of tax expertise includes:

  • Companies, trusts, partnerships and individuals
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Superannuation
  • Shares and business investments
  • Investment properties
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS), Instalment Activity Statements (IAS), ABN and GST registrations, Taxation amendments and appeals

State and Territory Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is a self-assessed, general purpose state and territory tax assessed on wages paid or payable by an employer to its employees, when the total wage bill of an employer (or group of employers) exceeds a threshold amount.

The payroll tax rates and thresholds vary between states and territories.

Returns are lodged, and payment of liability made, at an agreed frequency (monthly, quarterly, or annually) to the respective revenue office in the Australian state and/or territory in which the wage payment is deemed liable.

Contact the friendly and professional team at Dhir & Associates for all of your taxation queries.



Our advice is practical and hands-on, based on our extensive experience in the accounting, audit, taxation and financial planning aspects of superannuation.

How can we help you?

There are a number of key areas of superannuation that need your attention to ensure that you have the best approach in place and that your super is working at full capacity.

Legislative compliance

Superannuation legislation is a complex area. We provide fund trustees with assistance in navigating the superannuation environment, to ensure that your fund remains up-to-date and that it poses no risks to your current situation.

We advise on compliance with superannuation legislation in the following areas:

  • Eligibility for contributions
  • Tax deductibility of contributions
  • Eligibility for benefit payments
  • Taxation of benefit payments
  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Permitted investments
  • Use of related unit trusts
  • Appropriate documentation
  • Review of financial statements, member statements, investment strategy, trustee minutes and working papers
  • Reports on any deficiencies or omissions
  • Recommendations on remedial action
  • Assistance to ensure future compliance
  • Assistance with Australian Tax Office reviews/audits of funds
  • Assistance to fund trustees who may have breached the legislation, including development of a rectification program and liaison with the ATO.

Retirement and planning

We provide you with advice on the structure of your SMSF to ensure that benefits are secure in the accumulation and income stream phase, and that on your death they are directed to your beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes.

Dhir & Associates provides:

Recommendations on, and review of, fund structures

  • Admission of new member documentation
  • Fund administration
  • Wind-up of SMSFs
  • Trust deed reviews
  • Benefit payments, including:
    Lump sum withdrawals
    Pension commencements
    Death benefits.


We use a highly skilled team of superannuation professionals to regularly review your personal circumstances and proactively provide you with advice on opportunities and strategies to maximise your accumulating wealth. We ensure that you are considering your superannuation options on at least an annual basis so that when you reach retirement, your wealth has accumulated in the most tax-effective environment possible.

To make the most of your retirement savings, you need to look very carefully at a number of issues, including getting the right advice to help you implement the most suitable structure for your individual requirements. Depending on your personal, family and business circumstances, a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) may be a suitable structure in which to build your retirement savings.

Broadly, there are two options available to you for your superannuation: an APRA regulated fund or a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). There are many benefits associated with each, but it is the benefits of a SMSF that allow you the greatest potential to maximise your retirement savings.

SMSFs provide:

Flexible investment options
Potentially lower fees
Flexible estate planning.

What is a SMSF?

A SMSF is a small superannuation fund established for one to four people, with the fund being controlled by trustees/directors who are also the members. Control is kept in the hands of the members, and the members decide how the fund will operate and what investments the fund will invest in.

In general terms, SMSFs are governed by the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act) and are regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

A SMSF requires a Trust Deed, which is essentially the rule book by which the SMSF must operate in conjunction with the SIS Act.

Membership of a SMSF is limited to fewer than five members, all of whom are often family members or related through business, e.g. business partners. NB: a member cannot be an employee of another member unless directly related, e.g. spouse/spouse, father/son etc.

A SMSF is required to appoint a Trustee (individuals or a company), which comprises all fund members. Special arrangements can be made for a single member SMSF.

The rules and legislation surrounding superannuation are continually changing; therefore, the Trust Deed should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it continues to comply and meet the members’ needs well into retirement.

A word of warning — not all Trust Deeds are the same. A cheap, off-the-shelf deed may meet the members’ immediate needs, but it may limit their ability to use the SMSF for estate planning and asset protection. It is imperative that members get properly considered advice, tailored to their specific circumstances.

What are the advantages of having a SMSF?

Members of a SMSF have complete control and responsibility of their retirement investments, albeit within the legislative guidelines of the SIS Act. Members also have absolute discretion with respect to the choice and style of assets that the SMSF invests in.

This makes it simple for members to incorporate the structure of their SMSF into their overall wealth management strategy.

A properly designed SMSF structure can offer the flexibility and security to take retirement savings from the accumulation stage right through to retirement, and provide an income stream that will maintain or enhance members’ living and cash flow requirements.

SMSFs enjoy significant tax breaks in Australia, where the most tax a SMSF will pay is 15%, provided that the fund is maintained as a continually complying superannuation fund.

A SMSF can be a powerful tool for family groups wanting to take advantage of estate planning opportunities that are available, by using the SMSF alongside the family’s overall wealth management and succession strategy.

What is the downside to having and managing a SMSF?

Members may find that they spend some additional time signing documents and managing the SMSF’s investments. However, this may be reduced by engaging specialist administration and investment services.

The cost to the SMSF of non-compliance could potentially be a tax penalty of up to 46.5% on the fund, and prosecution of the trustee(s).

Ongoing administration and compliance costs may be prohibitive for members with small balances. SMSF industry guidelines suggest a SMSF can be more cost-effective compared to other super arrangements when a member’s assets reach $250,000 to $300,000.

A SMSF must be established for the sole purpose of providing benefits to members on retirement or to their beneficiaries in the event of the member’s death. A SMSF cannot be used to provide benefits outside these parameters, such as loans to members or other ancillary benefits.

Dhir & Associates can help you set up your own SMSF and ensure that it remains up-to-date and relevant to you.

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