Dr Abha Shah

Telephone: 02 8850 2400
Address: Level 2, Building C, 3 Columbia Court Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Suburb: Baulkham Hills
Area: Sydney Hills District
City: Sydney

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Skin Cancer Doctor, Female

Dr Abha Shah is an accomplished general practitioner with a passion for skin health. She loves helping her patients live an enriching and fulfilled life through better mental and physical health.

After graduating from Bond University, Queensland in 2009, Dr Shah initially embarked on a career in general surgery before moving into general practice. She has gained a wealth of experience in trauma surgery, abdominal surgery and surgical oncology (skin cancer surgery) and she now brings this knowledge to her general practice career. Now a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Shah runs a private skin clinic at The Hills Medical and Dental Centre along with her work in general practice.

Dr Shah provides comprehensive skin assessments which includes a diagnosis aided by dermoscopy and, when necessary, a biopsy which can usually be done instantly.

If a skin cancer (or other spot of concern) is found, Abha is highly experienced and skilled in the surgical removal of skin lesions and cancers.

Abha is a firm believer in preventative health− she exercises regularly at the gym and practices meditation daily. She is an avid reader and loves a good murder mystery. Dr Shah’s is also involved in overseas travel to provide medical aid through a global medical foundation. Feel free to ask her about her travels to Jordan and Nepal!


  • Skin & Cosmestics
  • Minor surgery
  • Skin


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