Dr J P Thakkar Revesby, Sydney

Phone:  02 9773 XXXX [Show Phone]
Address: Cnr River Rd & Weston St, Revesby NSW 2212, Australia
Suburb: Revesby
Area: Canterbury-Bankstown
City: Sydney

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Dr J P Thakkar Revesby, Sydney

Dr J P Thakkar is a professional Doctor/ General Practitioner in Revesby, Sydney specialising in services such as Family Planning, High Blood Cholesterol and Family Planning.

Contact us at the numbers below to make a booking with our helpful staff.

I can speak English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Contact Details

  • Address:¬†Cnr River Rd & Weston St, Revesby NSW 2212, Australia
  • Telephone: (02) 9773 0767

1 Responses to "Dr J P Thakkar Revesby, Sydney"

  1. Ayesha Says:
    Fri 2nd Dec 16 7:34pm

    Can I talk to Dr Thakkar I m from pakistan

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