Email Was Invented by 14 Year Old Indian-American Boy

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Email Was Invented by 14 Year Old Indian-American Boy

Surprised! You, me and everyone else would be surprised to hear that a 14 year old Indian – American boy invented the Email technology! Unfortunately he has been forgotten and nobody remembers him!

Email was invented 32 years ago by Shive Ayyadurai, he was a 14 year old Indian American who invented one of the worlds first noteworthy inventions in the technology industry.
Ayyadurai was born in Bombay to a Tamil family, at the young age of 7 his family decided to move to the USA to make a better life for themselves, then in 1978 14 year old Shive Ayyadurai developed a full scale emulation of the inter-office mail system, he called this technology E-mail!

Just like we know the email technology today, it reflected the very same functions as email does today, it featured Inbox, Outbox, Folders, Attachments, Address Book and Memo.

Photo Credit: younews

How It All Started

Shive Ayyadurai started studying at the Livingston High School in New Jersey USA, he quickly began working on his Email technology system for the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey US.

During this time he observed many things from his surroundings, he noticed that the desktop on each secretary’s desk, in addition to their typewrite, they had basic commandants such as an Inbox, Drafts, carbon copy paper etc, he noticed that they would use this process to create incoming and outgoing mail.

From thorough observations, Ayyadurai then conceived his first initial electronic version of this incoming and outgoing mail system by creating a programme that featured over 50,000 lines of code. Shive Ayyadurai created a system that replicated all the features that the interoffice mail system displayed.

Photo Credit: younews

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due!

The US government officially recognised Ayyadurai invention of the email system on the 30th of August 1982, by awarding him the first US Copyright for his email invention from 1978.

And yet for some reason, in modern day society of computer science, Shive Ayyadurai name or invention is never mentioned or remembered for being one of the greatest electronic inventions of this century!

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