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Flamboyance – Indian Hair & Beauty Salon, Point Cook, Melbourne

Mobile: 0423 903 633
Telephone: 03 9395 2252
Facebook: Facebook
Address: 1 Oceana Street, Point Cook, Melbourne VIC 3030 (Intersection of Alamanda Blvd & Oceana Street)
City: Orange

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Flamboyance – Indian Hair and Beauty Salon, Point Cook, Melbourne.

  • Name: Kajal
  • Email:
  • Address: 1 Oceana Street, Point Cook, Melbourne VIC 3030
    (Intersection of Alamanda Blvd and Oceana Street)
  • Mobile: 0423 90 3633
  • Phone: 03 9395 2252
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

Business Hours

  • Mon – Fri : 11am – 8pm
  • Sat – Sunday : 10am – 6pm

Please visit our website for more information

Prices are correct as of 2nd March 2011. Please contact us 0423 90 3633 for prices before appointment. Prices are subject to change without notification.

Our Beauty Services


  • Special Facials: A step-up from the normal facial, the skin is moisturised using specially formulated hypoallergenic creams, Face packs are applied depending on different skin types and special cleansing and rejuvenation techniques are also a part of the process. – Price: From $40
  • Acne Facials: A treatment for those who suffer with troubled skin. After cleansing this treatment begins with exfoliation and a warm vapor mist, followed by extensive manual deep pore extractions and a skin-calming, anti-bacterial masque. – Price: $45
  • Gold Facial : This facial makes use of creams containing 24-Carat pure gold, which penetrates the skin easily. It is a powerful rejuvenating treatment and accelerates the regeneration of new cells. Face Masks, containing gold, are also applied. The gold facial helps to restore youthful qualities, like softness, smoothness, elasticity, resilience and radiance. – Price: From $45
  • Diamond Facial: The Diamond Facial is a powerful age-control treatment that includes diamond exfoliation helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. – Price: $50
  • Pearl Facial: The precious pearl and whitening dehydrated moisturizing cream is used along with pearl exfoliating scrub. Research has revealed that pearls contain a combination of natural substances that help to improve rejuvenation of the skin cells. This treatment is ideal for pigmented skins, provides hydration to the skin and makes the skin firm, soft, smooth and young. – Price: $55
  • Dermalogica Acne Control Facial: Breakouts have finally met their match! The ultimate in acne management as it targets current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity. – Price: $60
  • Fresh Fruit Facials: These are done with pulps of fresh seasonal fruits (papaya or banana pulp). Fresh Fruit facial os very good for sensitive skin, which cannot tolerate any chemically prepared cosmetics. Fruits are chosen according to the skin type: Bananas for dry skin and orange for oily skin. – Price: $55
  • Saffron Facial: The products used in this facial are all made from Saffron that is proven to bring natural glow to the skin and gives immediate results. A must to try !!! – Price: $55
  • Aromatherapy Facial – 90 minute luxury:  In these essential oils are used, which have potent and specific curative properties that are of particular benefit to the skin. They are effective for relaxation of body and mind. Aromatherapy facials help clear skin congestion and improve the normal functions of the skin. The mask, which is applied at the end of the massage, also contains essential oils. The elimination of toxins, the improvement in the skin’s normal functions, including cell regeneration and the uplifting effect, all combine to make aromatherapy facials revitalizing and rejuvenating. – Price: $80


  • Evening Party Make up : $40
  • Light Day Make up : $30
  • Eye Make up only : $15


  • Full Face with eyebrows  : $30
  • Upper lip  : $5
  • Chin         : $5
  • Cheeks    : $10
  • Forehead : $5
  • Full Body $90
  • Full Legs   : $35
  • Half Legs  : $25
  • Full Back   : $25
  • Half Back  : $18
  • Full Arms  : $20
  • Half Arms : $15
  • Underarms: $10
  • Stomach    : $20
  • Full  Arms  with  Underarms      : $26

Face Cleansing

Being the least expensive of all, these facials are a simple cleanse, steam and massage afair. A good option for normal skin that isn’t prone to acne.It helps removing dirt and blackheads Provides a clean and glowing complexion. – Price: From $25

Face and Neck Bleaching

No one likes to have unwanted facial hair and unfortunately many of the available hair-removal methods on the market are painful and not always 100%effective. That’s why bleaching is such a widely used option. Facial hair can be bleached every couple of weeks without any pain or discomfort, making your facial hair less noticeable. Flamboyance has variety of bleach creams on offer suiting each individual’s skin colour and type. – Price: From $15


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal practiced in many Asian countries, including Iran, India, Vietnam, China and some Arabic nations.

Eyebrow threading is proven to provide a better result that is uncomparable to what eyebrow waxing does….

  • Eyebrow Shaping: From $7
  • Full face with eyebrows: From $28
  • Eyebrow + upperlip :  From   $12
  • Forehead: $5
  • Upperlip: $5
  • Cheeks: $7
  • Chin: $5


Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage originated in India over 1000 years ago and began as a way of keeping the hair in good condition.  It is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda and is great for relieving the stress and tension in our everyday lives.  The technique uses controlled movements and has a strong effect on the three higher chakras – the mind, body and spirit.  The Chakra is the energy vortex that we need to remain striving and because the massage works on the neck and shoulders, tension is relieved almost instantly.

Regular sessions of Indian head massage will result in a number of health benefits for the client. During the massage, the therapist will stand behind or slightly to the side of the client to perform the massage.  A treatment session usually last for thirty minutes.  This form of massage can be used with other therapies.

  • 30 min Head massage with steam : From $25

Relaxing Body Massage

Regular body massage is also one of the best forms of stress relief that strengthens the muscles and underlying tissue. It increases blood flow to various parts of the body and aids in repair and renewal of damaged cells.

  • 40 min Body massage : From $50
  • 30 min Back and Shoulder massage: From $35


Pedicures at Flamboyance are a wonderful way of pampering your feet, and at the same time it can lift your spirits and soothe your aching feet also. Our Pedicures are not just the normal pedicures that are available outside in other salons. You are pampered with plenty of relaxing foot massage also to provide you with the ultimate relaxation you deserve.

Regular pedicures help to keep the feet in good condition, make the skin soft and smooth, improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin,leg and foot muscles and discourages foot ailments.

  • Price: From $32


Manicures are cosmetic treatments to treat hands, fingernails or both. Regular Manicures prevent nail damage keeping them clean, well-shaped and healthy.

To add to these benefits, our therapist at Flamboyance provides you with a massage after the manicure which improves the blood circulation to the nails and hands keeping them soft and moisturized.

  • Price: $26

Hairdressing Services

Hair Styles and Hair Up’s

Whether its a close friend or a relative’s wedding or just an evening cocktail party, Flamboyance Hairstylist can give you a new look with eye catching hair up do’s and styles to make you look extra elegant and stylish for the occassion. We will give you a professional advice on choosing a classy feminine hair style to complete your look and give a finishing touch for the dazzling beauty.

  • Price: From $30

Hair Cuts

Hair Colour


Hair perms are absolutely a fantastic way to add everything from body to true curls to limp, straight hair. A perm is a chemical hair treatment, used to add curl and body to your hair. It works by using the chemicals to break the bonds that hold the hair in its natural shape, then wrapping the hair around a setting tool to change its shape. These bonds aee joined up again in the new shape using neutralisers. This can be a fantastic way to add volume and provide a new look to straight hair.

Hair Curls

Curls can add an elegant bounce and glamour to your hair that can be a fantastic idea for any occassion, weddings or just a night out on the town. Whether you’re just after a flip of the ends, spiral or soft natural looking curls, Flamboyance has a variety of options for you that can even transform the finest of the hair into the wild, carefree waves.

  • Shoulder Length Hair: $25.00
  • Mid length Hair: $30.00
  • Long Hair: $35.00


Get the perfect blow out by our hair stylist that will leave your hair looking flawless and glamorous after your appointment. At Flamboyance, you get a fabulous blowdry that is quick and affordable and can last up to a week! Whether its the straight blowdry or the sexy bouncy blowdry, you sure are in the best hands.

  • Shoulder Length Hair: $20.00
  • Mid length Hair: $25.00
  • Long Hair: $30.00

Henna for Hair

Being a popular way used to dye hair, it not only adds a nice color of red to most hair, but it also conditions your hair. Henna will not harm your hair like the dyes found in stores as it is all 100 % natural.

Amongst the many benefits of using henna, some of best ones are:

  • Dying grey hair to a nice non-fading orange-red colour. It might fade a little after the first application, but after the second application, there is very little fading.
  • Chemical free way of covering the grey hair.
  • Used as a treatment for falling hair.
  • Add luster to hair. Acts as a great conditioner.
  • Used for treatment of dandruff.
  • Helps strenghtening hair roots.
  • Shoulder Length Hair: $25.00
  • Mid length Hair: $30.00
  • Long Hair: $35.00


Beautiful Brides Indulge in extra pampering for your special day. Revitalise your beauty with Bridal Make-up, Hairdo, Saree Drape, Lehnga setting, Veil or Headgear setting. Our undivided attention makes sure your day remains extra special.

Sari Drape and Lehnga Setting

A Sari is one of the most elegant attires a woman can adorn. It is essentially an un-stitched long piece of fabric which needs to be draped in a particular way to achieve an elegant effect.

Draping a sari is an art. Sarees can be worn in many stylish ways that will look entirely different to look modern or traditional based on your choice of accessories.

  • Bridal Sari drape or Lehnga setting: From $30
  • Sari Draping for other occassions: $18

Bridal Hair

Flamboyance has a variety of Bridal Hair up’s and dressy hair styles to offer to make our brides get the look, that’s as glamorous as you dream for.

  • Wedding Hairstyles: From $60
  • Hairstyles for other occassions: From $30

Henna Art

Henna Art has been around for about 5000 years having its  origination in the Middle East, spreading to India and then other parts of world. Henna (Mehendi) is a skin art that is used to decorate body and is totally safe and natural to use.

Henna powder is paste made from ground leaves of a shrub plant called Lawsonia Inermis and is extracted from a tree by drying and grinding the leaves and stems. The greenish powder, when mixed with water, makes a dark paste which is applied to skin with a small cone. Natural henna will produce a brown to red dye which adheres to the skin for a few days or weeks. The longer you leave it on, the darker the stain will be.

Traditionally, people apply mehndi to brides before weddings, but these days it has gained popularity amongst events like hens nights also. A Henna tattoo is normally applied to the hands, feet, arms, and legs, although people may be decorated all over. The designs tend to be very intricate, covering the skin in abstract geometric shapes, floral patterns, and a variety of other decorative themes.

  • Bridal Henna (Hands): From $120 – both hands
  • Bridal Henna (Feet): From $40 – both feet
  • Henna for occassions: From $20- per hand
  • Henna Tattos: From $15

Bridal Make Up

Your wedding is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Your look will be captured in your photographs forever so it’s vital you choose a makeup style that flatters and most importantly makes you look and feel breathtakingly beautiful.

Bridal makeup is not just about applying makeup, it’s an art. When creating the perfect look for your big day, our make up artist at Flamboyance will provide a complete, personalised, professional makeup service that will sure make your day the most memorable.

  • Price: From $60

Customised Bridal Packages

  • Bridal Aura Package: This is all that a Bride needs, to be ready and look perfectly elegant for that special day. Package Includes Bridal Hairdo, Bridal make up and Bridal dress up. – Price: From $150
  • Customise your Bridal Package:Let go of your stress and lose yourself in this comprehensive treatment with Facials, Manicures and Pedicures, get the hair and skin with unmatched conditioning that makes you look gorgeous for your special day. Ask us how you can make your own package and the best price ever….

Prices are correct as of 2nd March 2011. Please contact us 0423 90 3633 for prices before appointment. Prices are subject to change without notification.


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