Homeware importers Homebush, Sydney, NSW

Leaders in Distributing and Importing Homeware products in Sydney and Sydney region

Homeware Importers have been serving the homeware stores, supermarkets, IGA, friendly grocer and convenience stores.

We are known for the high quality of Homeware products and our dedication to serve our clients.

Our distribution centre is popular for its professionalism and efficiency in exporting and importing Homeware supplies in Australia, especially in the Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and vicinities.

Homeware Importers have offices and presence across all major export hubs in the world including Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, UK, and USA.

Before our products are shipped and packaged, we make certain that they meet all of the customer’s specific requirements. We take Customer satisfaction seriously and take it as our top priority.

Our staff is always ready and willing to assist you with any concerns you may have regarding your purchase or billing, or shipping and handling.

We have a reputation of excellent importer of Homeware products and supplying Homeware stores, dollar shops, Bed and bath stores, electric stores, kitchenware stores, Supermarkets and lighting supply retail locations with high quality lighting products preceding our reputation itself.

We take pride in our products and we want our customers to have a satisfying experience.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome!

Thank you for choosing Homeware Importers for your Homeware needs. We look forward to serving you to the best of our ability!

Chosen supplier of Homeware Products by many retail shops, stores, dollar stores, supermarkets in Sydney

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products. We are here to serve you round the clock.

Just fill out the info in the form below mentioning your query and the Homeware product of your interest and a member of our helpful staff or sales rep will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your query!

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