I Am Love – A Yoga Journey with Stuart Watkins in Fremantle, 9th September 2017

We live in a culture that is running around looking for love and happiness through external means yet people know that true love and happiness is within.
A predicament that one faces is that these supreme states of love and happiness are not ego and mind states. These blissful states pulsate from the core of our being. Love and happiness is what we essentially are!
In this Yoga journey, together we will go deep into the yoga practice in transcending the ego whilst also including it.
There is a common quest for the yogi to transcend the ego whilst not including it and actually trying to destroy the ego. This attempt only adds to ones suffering.
Through an intelligent yoga practice the ego gets cleansed and softened, so it’s no longer a thick prison of the mind. In doing this we can more easily identify with who we truly are (I AM LOVE) and live a life of clarity, love, creativity and kindness.
Joining us in this journey will be Sounds of Samadhi weaving a wonder full tappestry of sound to help us go deeper into the bliss of our hearts.

Super early bird tickets available Monday 19th of June.

* FYI:: This event will be getting filmed so anyone and everyone around the world can experience the beauty that is unfolding with these events.
No one is seen but the teacher and the musicians. It’ll be zoomed in straight to the front.

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