Indian Catholic Associaton Sydney

Indian Catholic Associaton Sydney

On 29th June, 2011 we formally incorporated Indian Catholic Association (ICA-INC) in NSW as a Non- profit cultural Association.

The ICA has been functioning already in Sydney before 11 Years celebrating St. Mary’s Feast and Feast of Nativity. Few people who originally migrated from South India to Sydney have been celebrating the said feasts at the All Saints Catholic Church in Liverpool – NSW.

Our Vison- – Faith, Unity and Peace. Now to precisely define our role – what our mission is and what we propose to deliver.

Our Primary objectives would be to:

a) Bring together the Indian Catholics and their friends in NSW Australia to meet and work together in the Indian Catholic Community.

b) To Train our youth to become normally responsible leaders within our ethic groups so that they will in turn become mentors and provide guidance to future generations to live generously within the cultural precincts maintaining and preserving our culture and heritage.

c) To preserving the heritage and spiritual values of Indian Catholics and to Organise cultural and religious activities to attain this objective.

d) To provide assistance and advice to those in need and in general to improve the status of Indian Catholics in Australia and India.

e) To welcome and provide counsel to new migrants to Australia

f) To Forster harmony and assimilation of communities and cooperation with all Indian Catholic Communities and other religions and ethnic groups.

g) The members should always be loyal to ruling government and should not have inclination either to join or have allegiance to any political party. Main work should be to promote or spiritual side.

h) To provide a framework to develop a strategy to achieve the real purpose of the association and deliver the vision.

i) To conduct leadership programs and seminars and encourage migrants and our youths to get new skills and achieve higher echelons though pursuit of higher education.


INC: INC9895541

Our Motto
Faith, Unity and Peace.

We affirmed our commitment to one another at Indian Catholic Association of Sydney Inc; AUSTRALIA

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