KonnecTV – Indian Pay Television (TV) – Sydney

KonnecTV  РIndian Pay Television (TV) РSydney

Channels – Zee Tv, Star Plus, Imagine Dil Se, Star Gold, Aaj Tak – Headlines Today (Shared Channel) + Ptc Punjabi *Add On Channel

Name: Nishu Malhotra

Email: info@konnectv.com

Address: Unit 1B, 137-139, Sliverwater Road, Silverwater, Sydney, NSW 2128

Telephone: 1300797012

Mobile: 1300797012

Website: www.konnectv.com.au

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35 Responses to “KonnecTV – Indian Pay Television (TV) – Sydney”

  1. Sanhita Says:


    I would like to take the connection. Please send me more details.

    Thanks ,


  2. bikram Says:


    I would like to take the connection. Please send me more details. ex setup fees and monthly fees etc

    Thanks ,

  3. abdullah Says:


    I would like to take the connection. Please send me more details. ex setup fees for 3 tv at home and monthly fees for 3 tv etc.


  4. Amrita Says:


    I live in Canberra


  5. Dundub LAMA Says:

    I am interested in Indian TV programs to be connected. Could you please send me more details including subscription fees etc.
    Thank you for your help

  6. Padma Says:

    I am interested in taking the connection . Please send me all details including connection fee , monthly subscription , available packages and disconnection fee / relocation fees . Please include all details .

  7. San Says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is any good deal available with konecttv connection

  8. Shallini Says:

    i am interested in the connection and a price quote and also do we have to pay monthly?

  9. Mani Says:

    I am already with konnect tv… Trust me the service they are providing is not that good.

  10. Nitin Says:

    Please send me all details as I would like to join u . I am with vision asia

  11. parneet Says:


    i received the box which was sent but I’m not sure how to connect it to my tv

    does someone come over to connect it or….

  12. elango Says:

    I like to take connection

  13. elango Says:

    0431982505 please connecto me to sun tv

  14. Dhiraj Oril Says:

    KonecTv can’t be contacted as the phone numbers on website. Please notify new contacts if any to customers.

  15. sukhraj sandhu Says:

    hi try to contact but ur phone not working pls call me as soon possible 0430225855

  16. ashok kumar Says:

    I have someone in my family
    wants to join konect tv.
    please ring my number 0435989968 asap

  17. Paddy Says:

    Please can someone call me on 0404245458.. Urgently as I need to talk regarging faults.

  18. Harbans sandhu Says:

    I have been with konnectv tvs for a long time and I am not having channels working I have been trying yor number the whole day with no success at all please reply as soon as possible or look to why channels are not working or call me on 0410108077 thanks

  19. amar Says:

    cannot contact konnectv via phone or email?

    My connection is not working and no way to cantact you.

  20. Rajesh Says:

    I have konnect tv from last 6years suddenly it’s not working from yesterday also try to contact them via email but it’s showing email is not working anymore and also no phone number is working I don’t know how to contact them if you have any info please pass on they direct debit money from bank not sure what’s happening please update

  21. Rajesh Says:

    Please update konnectv not working and none of there phone working

  22. ketan Says:

    hi I try to contact but ur phone not working pls call me as soon possible,,0432176867

  23. Priya Says:

    Vision Asia is much better I think.. Konnect TV service is not really good coz they take their payment monthly no doubt but when there is a time to show their service, no channels on the screen. It happens third time

  24. Ranita Says:

    Konnect tv please call me cz i was told to pay for 1 year in advance for the new tv chanels using internet. 0431281243

  25. Ranita Says:

    None of your contact fone is working can you please send me a contact number so that i can talk to support team.

  26. Ravi Singh Says:

    My Knnoect TV is not working. Your phone is engaged whenever I call. Can you please email me or call me on 07 32711410 or 0422655148

  27. Jaswinder Says:

    Konnectv channels not working on our TV. konnectv phone and email is also not working…….

  28. Raj Says:

    The tv connection has been down for the past week .
    This requires urgent attention
    Mob 0406667828

  29. Vick Says:

    Can you call me regarding konnect not working
    Number 0432800122

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I have been calling you since last week. Konnectv. channels NOT working. can’t call or email.what’s going on?

  31. Abhendra Says:

    Any idea when connections will be back..very frustrating. No signals since 11am on 11Feb. Please call 0417240662. Thank you.?

  32. shaline Says:

    hi, ive been trying to get in touch with konnect tv by phone but iam unable coz everytime i call the exsiting number is no valid anymore.and the same time the service is not avilable.i havent seen any tv programes for ages according to your so called techincal problems.but my direct debit keeps detacting from my account.please call me on 02102861254.its so fraustating becz ever since ive been with konnect tv,ive always had issues and problems.your is not meeting the customer service level what your advertisment says.call me please

  33. roy Says:

    Can we z get an update when service will be resumed

  34. Harry Says:

    Report Konnectv to the authorities. They took a direct debit from everyone then shut down at 10pm the next day. It is not technical they are out of business with our money. Try Yupp TV instead. Streamed via internet TV or internet DVD player (ours in Sony). Works perfectly with many more channels. We paid the year ahead on Diamond package and costs under half th price of Konnectv. Excellent backup and they answer the phones! Polite!

  35. Harpreet Says:

    Hi! I m trying your number but it’s not working. Please can call me.

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