Jai Ambe Services Pty Ltd Point Cook, Melbourne


Jai Ambe Services Pty Ltd Point Cook, Melbourne

The ecofriendly, green commercial cleaning experts in Melbourne, Jai Ambe offers best-in-class carpet cleaning, including carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Is the carpet in your business premises too dirty to vacuum? Stop worrying, we offer quick, affordable office and other commercial establishments’ like retail and cinema cleaning as a service in Melbourne. In addition, we have a staff of trained medical cleaning professionals in Melbourne. Our professionals understand the risks of cleaning a medical centre. Therefore, they carry out every cleaning task with utmost precision without risking the life of themselves and the staff at the centre.

We understand cleaning different commercial establishments require different skillsets of the professionals. For example, cleaning a hospital is very different from cleaning a movie theater. While the former requires high degree of safety and precision, the latter is more about quick cleaning service.

The time gap between two consecutive movie shows is too less. Thus, Jai Ambe trains its cleaning professional in every type of cleaning. Luckily, they can carry out cleaning of every scale whether it requires cleaning a 3 room flat of few sq. meters or a big sports complex extending over a km sq.

Call us on (03) 9395 7202, if you need any type of cleaning service of any scale be it a hotel, warehouse or sports centre, We can carry out the cleaning in Melbourne in an affordable and quick fashion.

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