Jazz Party in Melbourne, 20th – 21st July 2017

Event Details

  • Venue: The Night Cat 141 Johnston Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3065
  • Date: Jul 20 to Jul 21
  • Time: Jul 20 at 8 PM to Jul 21 at 3 AM
  • Facebook Page - Click Here

Jazz Party is like nothing you have seen before or will likely see again – as if a wild shindig collided with a cult gathering.

Performing McNulty’s originals as well as jazz, gospel and everything in between, Jazz Party’s punk attitude invites well-dressed freaks and self-confessed jazz haters to join them in wild revelry.

Led by former saxophonist and songwriter of Clairy Browne & The Bangin Rackettes, Darcy McNulty and supreme diva Loretta Miller, this eight-piece powerhouse have a punk attitude and a penchant for jazz, soul and rock n’ roll.

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