Kathak Dance Recital: A Tribute to Lord Shiva in Brisbane, 5th August 2017

Brisbane’s Nritya Bharati School of Kathak Dance presents its 2017 Annual Dance Recital: Tribute to Lord Shiva, showcasing performances of Indian classical kathak, fusion and folk dance. Live musical accompaniment will include tabla, flute and harmonium.

Kathak is among the six major classical dances of India and one of the most dynamic theater arts in the world.

With dance, music and mime, the kathakars or storytellers of ancient India would bring to life the great scriptures and epics of Sanskrit literature, such as the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Puranas.

The movement of hands and body, as well as facial expression, were used to enrich the narrative. Stylistically, this dance form emphasises rhythmic foot movements and spins harmonized to the music.

Choreography – Namita Debroy

Tabla – Shen Flindell

Flute – Darshil Shah

Harmonium – Joseph Abhay Nand

Namita Debroy
Nritya Bharati School of Kathak Dance
Tel: 0401 185 277

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