K?ma Yoga: Urban Elixir in Perth, 21st October 2017

Cam Priyadarshana Fraser is bringing K?ma Yoga to Tonic Yoga.

K?ma Yoga is a unique experience offered by K?ma Wellness.

The class combines Tantric bodywork with kriyas, orgasmic yoga practices, dance, meditation, breathing exercises and partner work to awaken Kundalini energy through the major energy centres of the body – the animal, the mind and the heart.
By individually activating before simultaneously stimulating these centres, we can connect with both our masculine and feminine energy.
As we discover a balance between these two energies at our heart centre, we begin to express ourselves authentically. Through our genuine expression, we start to connect with other people and form healthy relationships.

Hannah Corcoran and I look forward to seeing you in October at her amazing studio. A place to restore your authentic balance, nourish your body, and expand your potential. A space of light, comfort and sanctuary in the heart of the hustling Perth CBD.

Sat Nam

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