Limitless: Beyond the Mind with Duncan Peak in Melbourne, 13th August 2017

A workshop that focuses on developing the attitude of unlimited potential within through the understanding of the mind, its nature and how to detach from it.

We’ll explore the way our mind functions, identifying causes of suffering, with practices and meditations to reduce turbulence in the mind.

Commencing with a discussion around the four functions of the mind, it evolves into a dynamic mix of asana sequences, pranayama and bandha techniques as a road to deep,meditative experiences. This workshop packs a punch into how we live moment to moment in our minds.



Duncan is the founder of Power Living with over 15 years of teaching experience and 20 years personal practice.

Over the last decade he has successfully pioneered contemporary yoga styles to Australian shores and sets the highest standard in asana facilitation, teacher trainings and yoga retreat delivery in the country.

Whilst Duncan was introduced to Raja Yoga in his teens to deal with stress and grief, he smashes the stereotype of what a yogi should be and rather focuses on being himself and creating a methodology inspired by ancient teachings that he believes is relevant for today’s world.

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