Liverpool Indian Womens Social Club Sydney


Liverpool Indian Womens Social Club Sydney

Liverpool has the highest population of Indians and not many groups are established for them where Indian women who stay at home or even work, get to have the opportunity to meet other Indian women. Many women therefore feel excluded and isolated from their traditional cultural ways .Some Indian women have suggested that they would like to make friends, adopt hobbies and be part of a positive group. Most Indian women in the community have children that have married and moved on, therefore they are feeling alone and excluded from other people and would like to belong to a group.

I am thinking about establishing a gathering for women of Indian background living in the Liverpool area. The gathering would be once a fortnight, open to any age group.The reason for this gathering is so that women get an opportunity to get out of the house and meet other women, share their knowledge and skills and develop positive relationships by tapping into their unused talent and revitalise. Once certain numbers are confirmed for the gathering, the first meeting can be used to discuss as to what activities/expectations will be the part of this gathering. This gathering is an opportunity to mingle with traditional music, food, dancing, chatting about issues such as health, home, work or just generally life.

Would you like to be part of Liverpool Indian women’s club, and then please do so. Take the opportunity to meet other friends by confirming your interest in the club. You can email me or simply join the group on Facebook-Indian Womens Social Club


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