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Ayurvedic Massage – based on the principles of the vedas. 5000 years ago this practice was established in India. The knowledge of body, mind, spirit, yoga, meditation, food and massage to balance the (in chinese the chi represents the energy flow of your body) . The massage uses the oil with spices and herbs depending on your dosha or body type, to create harmony in your body/mind.

Spiritual Guidance – based on the western european, new age, alternative therapies. This is a method of counseling utilising the spirits and guides in a more esoteric form, similar to reading tarot without using physical materials as the mainframe.

Reiki – Reiki comes from 20th century Japan, and is a hands on healing that channels universal energy through the palms. Through the chakras we can realign, cleanse and clear and the healing process begins!

Lotus Healing – This is similar to Reiki but rather than hands on, it is intuitive and more subtle energy healing that responds to past lives, removal of blockages, and at times a gentle massage. This my own modality that I discovered while working at the Jabiluka anti-uranium protests in 1998. My need to assist those hard at work opened my awareness to this style of healing and has proven to be quite profound.

Art 4 Heart (healing workshops) – this is healing for the heart through the expression of drawing without the question of the conscious mind. Contacting of our inner child allows us to connect with the purity of this healing energy. This is done by breaking down our concepts of what and how we should draw, by just drawing, utilising the healing energy within.

Energy Clearing/Cleansing – Also based on a more western alchemistic approach used during the middle ages. This is often used within the modern western alternative therapies, cleansing the aura, the body, the mind, through the medium of native american white sage smudge sticks. Uses Indian sandalwood and frankencense (an aromatic gum resin obtained from an African tree and burned). Bells, drums and feathers are some of the tools of the trade. These are often used to assist the cleansing of dead energy, spirits etc in our bodies and sometimes in our environment. Often mantras and praying are facilitated by Chanting.

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