Mindful Cognitive Movement Therapy in Perth, 2nd August 2017

For the month of August we will be hosting a different business from the area to present on their passion. Each workshop is free and open to the whole community.

WEDNESDAY 2nd AUGUST we will be hosting Katie Stewert from Thrive Clinic.

At The Thrive Clinic, our passion is injury and illness prevention through exercise as medicine.

We believe exercise is an important conservative measure which can be administered for the prevention and treatment of chronic illness, injury and degeneration, and the management of secondary complications and symptoms.

We consider and treat the whole patient rather than just the presenting symptoms, by incorporating mindfulness, breathing techniques, high intensity interval training and individualised functional strength and conditioning.

Join us on the 2nd August at Carlin Chiropractic as Katie Stewart, Director of The Exercise Therapist, presents to you the Mindful Cognitive Movement Therapy protocol, and the importance of taking an integrative approach to chronic illness and injury treatment and prevention.

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