New Moon Manifestation and Intention Setting in Adelaide, 23rd July 2017

Did you know that 2017 is a “1” year?

So if you are ready to manifest your dreams into reality, join us for our GROUP New Moon Manifestation and Intention Settings!

It is said that if you manifest your intentions and wishes with a group it is more powerful!

What you need to bring:

Something comfortable to sit and or lay on
Whether it be a towel, a blanket, a yoga mat, a pillow, a rug anything, anything at all that you feel comfortable and can relax in or on

Comfortable clothing
Wearing loose fitting clothing can help increase the energy flow in your body and allow for free movement and comfort

Colours pens, pencils, textas, crayons even paint!
Remember, the more energy you put into your wishes and intentions and your ritual all together the more chance of your wishes and intentions coming true!

Something to record your Wishes or Intentions on
A note pad, paper, a diary, and a journal, even create your own wishes and manifestation book, sheets of paper, whatever appeals to you!

How the night will work
Commence with a body cleanse with white sage as you walk into area


Gratitude Ritual

Record of Manifestations

Guided meditation

Move outside

Burn, Bury or whatever you wish with your manifestations



Cost = $10 per person (includes LIGHT refreshments)

Debit / Credit

  • Religion ? Spirituality

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