Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic Burwood East, Melbourne

Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic Burwood East, Melbourne

Contact Details

  • Address: 392 Blackburn Road Burwood East, Melbourne, VIC
  • Mobile: 0411 572 091
  • Email: ojushealth1@gmail.com
  • Website: www.ojushealth.com.au

About Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic Burwood East, Melbourne

Ojus Health was founded in India in year 2000 and established its first centre in Australia in 2008. Since then we are providing authentic Ayurveda (Natural) Treatments in Melbourne, Australia. Our treatments include Ayurvedic natural, organic herbal products, yoga , meditation and Ayurvedic purification therapies (Panchkarma Detox). We have professionals who have skills, knowledge and experience to provide best Ayurvedic therapies in Melbourne.

At Ojus health, a complete Ayurvedic assessment is performed to know your body & mind type. After complete assessment of your body and mind type a treatment plan is prepared that will include a diet plan, Ayurvedic herbs, Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapies.

If you are looking for a traditional, holistic, authentic ayurveda treatments then Ojus health is the place for you.
We have various therapies according to your disease conditions such as Kati Vasti for back and spine pain, Janu Vasti for knee pain, Shirodhara for stress and Abhyangham( Ayurvedic massage for general body aches). If your toxins are deep seated then we have Panchkarma detox to get rid of the root cause of your ill-health.

Now Ojus Health services are available at various locations in Melbourne that include Melbourne CBD, Mernda, Thornbury and East Burwood. Please check availability at your nearby location before you book your appointment.



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