OMPY’s Loving Kindness Project in Fremantle, 6th August 2017

I received a lot of kindness yesterday. So many people made my day, a lot of them had no idea that they were doing so.

It’s such an easy and wonderful thing to do, to show someone that you see them, you hear them, and you care.

It got me thinking… I’m going to start a Loving Kindness Project with OMPY. It’s simply an active page, so that anyone can join for free.

At the end of the two weeks, I’ll invite you all to join me at OMPY for a special Sunday class, followed by a group Loving Kindness Meditation, and some healthy food and drinks.

Feel free to bring a little plate to share if you wish!

T H E C H A L L E N G E :

O N E : Complete one short Loving Kindness Meditation daily until the event. I will be sharing my recorded guided meditation on this page, but feel free to use your own.

T W O : Try to practice mindful Kindness and Compassion daily until the event. Start with one kind thing a day- to a loved one, a stranger or someone who challenges you. This may just be a phone call, or presence and active listening, or opening the door for someone.

T H R E E : Record your findings. Keep a little Kindness journal, or share your experiences on this page. Note how the act of Kindness made you feel.

This Project is like a detox for your spirit. Where your attention goes, energy flows – and if you are changing the way you react to the world, you change your world.

Side effects of this challenge may include:

Increased happiness and joy
Waves of gratitude
New perspective on the people and things that challenge you
New found awareness about the health of your internal monologue
A seemingly more positive life and outlook on life
Increased sense of community

Give it a go, you can’t afford not to!

*This challenge is free to join, but if you’d like to join the class and celebration on Sunday, tickets will be $30 and bookings are encouraged.

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