PAPER WAVES – Waffle Irongirl – Theme in Melbourne, 5th August 2017

This one’s gonna be scrumptious, ravenous, yummy, lecker, tasty, salted caramel, hot chocolate, red wine, halal snack pack, delectable, enticing, well-seasoned, mouthwatering, palatable, nectarous, appetizing, savory, sweet, spicy and luscous.

How much fun are you going to have with this theme? That was a rhetorical question, btw. I’m so hungry for what yopu are gonna plate up for me.

Our main course will of course be… Waffle Irongirl.

You know the deal:

$10 cover charge to feel good about paying for the venue, Brendan Bonsack’s inimitable photography, and the feature performance by the poet, as will as providing you with tea, coffee and if you’re lucky, cake as well as being embraced in the warm and fuzzy company of a fine community.

Feel supported in the space that suports you and that you support. Bc without art, what’s the point, right?

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