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Pro-Active Investment Group Sydney City, NSW

Mobile: 0432 034 543
Mobile2: 0460 325 503
Telephone: 02 4603 2550
Address:  1013/23 Shelley St Sydney 2000
Area: Sydney City
City: Sydney

Make Changes

Founded by a Young and Energetic Entrepreneur Karan Sharma in Year 2008. Karan is a Graduate in Accounting and Finance from University of Western Sydney Year 2007.

Karan also is a Full Real Estate License Holder. Karan is 29 and has built a property portfolio worth $4 million, and has experience in many aspects of property investing and business , gained through his hands on hard work approach from a young age.

He is the founder of Pro-Active Investment Group. From his First Investment Property in Kings Park, to his Dream Apartment in King St Wharf Darling Harbour in a span of 6 years only.

Karan has now decided to walk through the Real Estate Journey joining hands with other Young and Matured Investors.

Pro-Active Investment Group Pty Ltd

Director/Founder Karan Sharma
Qualifications Bachelors in Business Accounting and Finance from University of Western Sydney
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Address 1013/23 Shelley St Sydney 2000
TFN 429 542 027
ACN 603 255 036
ABN 24 603 255 036
License No 20041217
Corporation Licence 10030393
Mobile 0432034543

PRO-ACTIVE INVESTMENT GROUP (PAIG) helps property investors educate, locate and negotiate real estate investment decisions Australia wide. They coach investors on real estate strategies.

Compared to a normal real estate agency, PAIG does not work with buyers , they work with investors. In fact, PAIG educates investors to build and sell properties to buyers ….

So if you are planning to buy a investment property , then please contact PAIG who will assist you

to purchase the right investment property for maximum capital growth ensuring there are large plans for infrastructure projects etc. in that area.

Our service include:-

  • Research – Economic, Demographic, and Infrastructure
  • Analysis – Comparative Value and Investment Potential
  • Acquisition and Purchase – Identifying and Locating the Right Property
  • Supervision – Builder Supervision during construction
  • Consultancy – We WILL match you to a suitable Investment Property!
  • Management – Our Property Management network will ensure your rent will always be paid on time!

DISCLAIMER: Any information presented in this document is given purely as illustrations and should not be construed as specific investment recommendations; It is general in nature and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.

The laws relating to investment, taxation, benefits, and the handling of money are constantly changing and are often subject to changes in government policy.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material contained herein at the time of publication and presentation, the author, presenter, promoters nor the publishers will bear any responsibility or liability for any action taken by any person, persons or organisations on the purported basis of information contained in the document herein.

Without limiting the generality of the a foregoing, no person, persons or organisations should invest monies or take other action on reliance of the material contained herein but instead should satisfy themselves independently (by seeking expert advice or otherwise) of the appropriateness of any such action.

All investing carries some risk and you should seek professional financial advice prior to investing.

Featured in the “Your Investment Property Magazine July 2016”

From the beginning

Since the day Karan Sharma turned 18, he read an abundance of real estate investment books as he had a great aspiration to be a millionaire.

After reading a steady stream of success stories, he decided to wander down the path of property to achieve his dream.

In 2008, Karan purchased his first property in Australia and has been actively buying and selling since.

“Real estate is, in my opinion, a safe investment as everyone works to earn food and shelter,” he says.

“Therefore, investing in property was an ideal way for me to achieve both cash flow and capital growth.”

Karan’s current portfolio is roughly worth $4m ($4.8m including overseas) and, if he was to go and sell tomorrow, his bank loans would be $2.7m.

However, at present, the net cash flow a year is positive at $6,000 ($11,000 including overseas).

Raised in a middle class family, and with a father who worked as a banker, Karan was always told about the real estate opportunities his father had missed out on.

With his father’s regrets in mind, Karan went on to do well in school and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in accounting and finance, from the University of Western Sydney.

“To learn more about the real estate market, I studied for the full real estate licence,” he says.

“My childhood was really basic, and this always motivated me to be rich so my kids can enjoy a lavish lifestyle when they grow up. While I don’t have any children yet, I am confident in my strategy of setting up a successful portfolio before settling down and getting married.”

Looking abroad

Living in Australia, Karan decided to kick-start his portfolio in a market close to home, but once he began to accumulate decent equity in India he decided to invest in Australia and India both and take advantage of the rapid growth both the markets were experiencing.

“I believe in the numbers game – the more you buy, the more growth you can make per investment,” he says.

“These opportunities came up via a network of Indian investors I knew
here in Sydney so I decided to give it a crack. Networking has definitely been a positive influence on my decisions.”

With experience in both markets, Karan has deemed Australia as the much safer country to invest in due to the highly regulated legal system.

“Builders, developers and real estate agents are monitored constantly, so I definitely feel safer buying in Australia,” he says.

“But that doesn’t stop me from investing small and short-term in overseas markets. The builders in India often take longer than promised to finish a project, but in my case it worked as a blessing in disguise, as it gave me more time to pay off the property without borrowing from the banks.”

“Networking has definitely been a positive influence on my decisions”


1 I always try to network with the local listing agents in areas where I wish to invest. This way, I can get listings in my inbox before the homes open. I always try to give listing agents a heads up on what kinds of properties suit my needs so when they get something, it can be qualified to my needs.

2 I always try to order a full bank valuation so that I know where I stand from the bank approval point of view as well. It gives me a good guide to negotiate harder with the vendors or agents. Bank valuations are detailed and also include planned infrastructure, past sales and risks, etc.

3 I look to buy properties from vendors upsizing, downsizing or moving overseas, as generally, they tend to be in a rush to sell the properties and one can negotiate a better price.

4 I always keep my pre-approvals and deposits ready so I can offer quick settlement timeframes to vendors. I have built up a good team of fellow investors. When I find something good in a high growth area we can negotiate good deals as bulk buys. This applies more to newly built properties.

5 I always order full building and pest inspections. I also take tradies to the properties at open homes so I can get a good idea of how much work is needed to rent out at the market rent rate. I can then make a checklist of what can be taken off the purchase price.





Mobile- 0432034543


Address- 1013/23 Shelley St Sydney 2000


“Thanks for your assistance PAIG
Great service. i will recommend more investors”


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