Resume, Cover Letter Writing/ Updating, Interview Skills Services in Australia

Resume, Cover Letter Writing/ Updating, Interview Skills Services

  • Resume writing/updating
  • Cover letter writing/ updating
  • Addressing selection criterias
  • Interview skills

First impression counts!!! When you send your resume, a reader can only see a piece of paper. It’s very important to make that piece of paper is impressive and conveys a lot about you. Busy employers and recruitment agents don’t have much time to go through each resume as they will have hundreds of them to go through.  Do you agree???

So what do you need to do? Well, the least you can do is, make your resume and cover letter as easy as possible for them to read. Make it relevant to the job so they know that you are the person they are looking for.

Resume writing: I can help you create a personalised and targeted resume. I will give you tips on how to update and modify your resume regularly so you don’t have to rely on others. (If you are willing to learn)

Cover letter writing: I understand that you may be applying for multiple jobs at a time. Remember, same cover letter does not work for every job. I will write a cover letter and will show you how you can make it specific to any job.

Addressing to Selection criteria’s:  Do you know that government jobs require applicants to apply for a job differently than private jobs? Government follows a merit selection method to recruit. I have been involved in the recruitment processes and understand it well. Addressing selection criterias can be daunting and takes a lot of time. I will help you write these. Please note, for this I will need to sit with you and discuss as criterias are based on personal experience.

Interview skills: I have been on the panel of interviewers and know few things about what the employers expect and look for in an employee. How applicant feels and how the nervousness affects the performance.  We can’t do much to stop those feelings but I will give you tips on how you can improve and answer the questions effectively.


Updating current resume: $10 per page
brand new resume $20 per page
Updating current cover letter: $15
brand new cover letter $30
Updating current resume and cover letter $10 per page
Writing selection criteria $25 per selection criteria
Interview skills $20 (free if you have used my services to get the interview)





I Can Speak English, Hindi and Marathi Languages.

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