RPL Support Brisbane

RPL Support Brisbane

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What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the recognition of a person’s current skills and knowledge acquired through prior learning from other training, work or life experience.

The RPL process is quite simple: we use methods to establish your competency against a set of national standards in Australia using a range of alternative assessment criteria, recognising your life skills and the practical knowledge you have acquired regardless of whether or not you obtained these skills formally.
We deliver RPL Australia-wide

Our comprehensive recognition of prior learning assessment and recognition services is carried out thoroughly across all states and territories of Australia, and we are committed to delivering qualifications that meet the demands of your ideal industry. Whether you are requiring RPL assessments in VIC, QLD, WA, NSW, SA, NT or ACT, RPL Support is here to help. We provide RPL application forms for the Hospitality,Automotive,Horticulture , Community services ,retail, business,Beauty, Building and Construction and training & education industries.

Contact RPL-Support now on 0421 512 784 to organise your RPL .

For skills assessment and recognition of prior learning Australia-wide , look no further than RPL-Support.

Contact Details

  • Name: Gurpreet Singh
  • Address: 151 Wellington Road, East Brisbane, QLD
  • Telephone: 07 3891 6433
  • Mobile: 0421 512 784
  • Email: gurpreet@nect.edu.au
  • Website: rplsupport.com.au

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