Saanu Kee Urban Desi Comedy Night Melbourne 2016 – 11th Sept

Saanu Kee Urban Desi Comedy Night 2016

Saanu Kee Urban Desi Comedy Night Melbourne 2016 – 11th Sept

Live Performance by Savita Bhatti, Mahdeep Singh, Amit Tandon

Saanu Kee – Urban Desi Comedy Night. V3 events & entertainment presents the first ever Urban Desi Comedy Night ‘Saanu Kee ??’ Featuring Savita Bhatti, Amit Tandon and Maheep Singh. Three Punjabi guys, born in the same city and in the same hospital to different parents (Thank God) separated by fate and reunited on stage by one common thing called sense of humor OR as Punjabees know it as just ‘Humor’ for the lack of sense.

Firm believers of the fact that if you translate anything in Punjabi it turns funny, these guys decided to do the first ever standup show in Punjabi. Saanu Kee is the commonly used phrase in Punjabi language which roughly means ‘non of our business’ and it is used before and after every time they poke their noses in everybody’s business.

The tthree most noticeable Punjabi Standup comedians bring to you a totally new comedy show in Easy to understand Punjabi which means if you are a non Punjabi Delhiite, same as Punjabees, you still cannot make head or tail of what these guys actually mean.

Organised by V3 Events & Entertainment, Avyosa Entertainment.

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