Saaya for Orphans in Sydney, 29th October 2017

Feeling Content and Motivated with SAAYA for FARMERS event Last year, ATSA is teaming with SUMO Legend once again this year for another EVENT

29th October 2017. 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Pacific Hills Christian School, Performing Arts Centre, 9-15 Quarry Rd, Dural NSW 2158.

As the name itself suggests the purpose of the fundraiser, this event is aimed at generating funds for ORPHANS, every cent collected will be donated as the big hearted Artists are willing to perform for free for one more time.

Service to Man is Service to GOD, Team ATSA request everyone to donate generously for this cause and also encourage more friends to join the event by buying tickets.

TEAM ATSA will take complete responsibility in channelling the collected funds towards the right establishment after careful consideration.


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