Sacred Cacao – Soul Flight in Perth, 5th August 2017


Take this shamanic journey of the soul. Soul flight is a journey through the heart, using ceremonial cacao, sacred sounds and our breath.

Join the experience to discover that there is far more to consciousness then what resides in the body. Are you ready to reconnect to feel the depth of who you are? To truly feel your soul pulsating inside yourself

Together we journey into the heart, we take away the illusion that there is just us, that we are separate. We connect to the world beyond our body, to others, to universal forces and in doing so come back to our soul, we come home.

Tim believes one of the greatest challenges on earth is loss of connection to self…humanity is walking blind in our own bodies. Come and reconnect with yourself using ceremonial cacao and this sacred shamanic soundscape.

Cacao was originally used by the ancient Mayan shamans to journey between the worlds, lifting the veil over consciousness. Our ceremonial cacao is infused with spirit, inviting you on a journey, to travel with the chocolate spirit through the veil.

Cacao journeys us to the door of our heart, allowing us to step through, discovering all of its mysteries, ready to embrace the space of openness of pure love. We journey together to a spiritual dimension.

This special event will incorporate ceremonial cacao, vibrational medicine, meditation, breath and a shamanic soundscape taking you on a journey back to yourself.

Suitable for all levels and backgrounds. You will be provided with a deeply transformative and supported space

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LOCATION: Twisting Peacock Yoga – 3/228 Main St, Osbourne Park
DATE: 5/8/17
TIME: 6:30-8:30pm

Spiritual music

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