Shabari -Theatrical Dance and Drama Production in Melbourne, 7th-8th October 2017

The long awaited Play, theatrical performance in Gujarati from Melbourne Shishukunj is here.
Kindly Support and promote this event. After nearly 30 years , first show in Nairobi Kenya 1987 and later 5 more shows done in 1988 by London-Nairobi Shishukunj, Melbourne Shishukunj is proud to host two repeat shows.

Shabari, who features in the epic story Ramayana, is known as the old lady who feeds “bor” (Indian plum) to Lord Ram during his exile and search for his beloved Sita.

But, how did she end up at that point where she met Lord Ram? Where did she come from? Who was she? This play provides answers to all those questions and takes you on an epic journey through her life up to the point where she meets Lord Ram.
  • Kid Friendly

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