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Spiritual Astrology Services in Melbourne

Have you ever asked yourself why you were born? Why are we living the living the lives we live? What are we meant to learn and achieve in this life time? And finally what happens in after we die?

Many of us have absolutely no clue, however Spiritual Astrologers in Melbourne will know the answers to these particular questions and many more questions surrounding spirituality.

Basically most Astrologers believe that we have all descended from energy, this is called ‘Paramaathma’ or more simplified as the ‘Supreme soul’. Our supreme soul has divided itself into small sizes of energy and that energy then creates a physical body that then starts to do some karmic actions.

The newly karmic actions will bring us various types of life experiences which then progress and expand into various levels of higher consciousness. Basically our souls are looking for the Supreme Soul, this is called Moksha, widely known as Salvation. Presently we are in a form of Jeevaathma, however it is our life goal and mission to achieve Salvation!

The process of achieving salvation can take any normal person more than 100, 000 birth cycles to reach this state of being. Spiritual leaders such as yogi’s can achieve this goal and state of mind within three years if they mediate for at least 8 hours per day.

Hindu Astrologers in Melbourne know that an enlighten person generally practices yoga every day, by doing so, the individual is able to relieve worldly attachments such as houses, cars and other materialistic items so that they can obtain perfection of several lifetimes. This practice results in an ultimate goal known as Moshka!

The type of person who reaches this goal, who practices enlightenment is free from gaining worldly goods and is finally free to practice penance and a life of simplicity. In Indian Astrology, the 5th bhava in the horoscope represents your soul, it also represents the power of the mind and the mantra. A spiritual person, uses techniques such as yoga and meditation on a daily basis to control his mind, these technique are a great way to clear past karmas. Using mantra recitation, you can stabilise your mind and begin to understand that you are the soul, this is known as Jeevaathma. Along with this understanding a person can begin to realize that they are not the physical body, they are simply the soul and universal love.

Delving in deeper, the 9th bhava in the horoscope is known as the higher spirit of knowledge, this means that we are lead to spiritual growth, wealth and philosophical awareness within ourselves. Spiritual Astrologers in Melbourne know that the 12th bhava represents salvation, this is the soul’s journey after death, and this is known as Moksha. It involves the past actions of life, also known to many as Karma and the number of births we still have to take.

Our spiritual growth is based on the astrological planets, planets such as Jupiter, Moon, Uranus and Neptune. Out of all of these planets, Jupiter is the most dominate planets in the entire horoscope, especially for a spiritual person. Indian Astrologers in Melbourne know exactly how the planets, the moon and the sun work and how they affect are spiritual being. To find out more information regarding spiritual Astrology, please feel free to contact your local Hindu Astrologer.

When it comes to your state of mind and mental wellbeing, the Moon is control of these emotions. When the moon receives good vibes and aspects in your horoscope, then you will have a stable mind and therefore be able to find and seek spiritual growth.

When the soul is looking for life experience, it seeks the planet Sun, the sun gives the soul strength, it will also determine the level of experience the human body has.

When our soul is experiencing clairvoyance, telepathy and mysticism it is usually taking it from the planet Uranus. This planet represents the link between Jeevaathma and Paramaathma, it also demonstrates the type of work or life purpose that our souls seek in our present birth life.

Spiritual Wisdom is represented by the planet Neptune, this planet relates to matters in life such as life after death, spiritual healing and clairvoyance.

In order for us to have good spiritual fortune the planets need to line up with one another. For example Jupiter must be in align with the sun and Uranus should be in align with the moon and Uranus should be in good aspect to the sun. Unless we study astrology, there is no way of us knowing the planets and the work they do in order to provide good spiritual energy. This is why we need to seek a Hindu Astrologer in Melbourne so that will be able to have our life path mapped out for us in a detailed report.

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