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Mobile Car Buffing/ Cut polishing Revere parking sensors install, Auto spray painting, refinishing, car wash, Auto body work, Google auto spray painting

Hello, I am offering car Buffing, Cut polishing , installation of reverse parking sensors and TFT Spray Painting , Auto body work, dents and dings repair, cleaning and detailing, Any where Any time at very reasonable and affordable price. Hereunder is the list of my Mobile services , Any where Any time:

Auto Spray painting, dents and dings and

  1.  Full Car Cleaning and detailing, Buffing, cut polishing etc
  2.  Outside or inside cleaning only
  3.  Shampooing Seats and carpets
  4.  Scratch removal , Polishing or painting underneath the car to cover rust.
  5.  Full Engine detailing, Good when you are selling your car or keep your car updated.

Please let me know your other requirements, we can discuss and can fix it.

All my services are very reasonable and affordable and handle by qualified people only.

Thanks and i need your support to build up my small business.

Every single like is appreciated !!!

Please check out the detailed pictures of other services as well.

  1. Headlight Cleaning $50
  2. Shampoo seats and carpets from $80/$50
  3. Bumper Respray from $250
  4. Cut polish with full paint protection – Hot Deal from $250 or just cut polish from $170
  5. Get rid of car handle door scratches – absolutely free* when u hire us
  6. 4 reverse sensors with display – $175

Kindly do not comment if u do not need my service, any irrelevant, insulting comments ,will be blocked from all Facebook pages for life without warning. Please understand



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