Superannuation, Retirement, Investment, Insurance and Debt Management for Indians in Melbourne Australia

Indian Superannuation, Retirement, Investment, Insurance and Debt Management Agent Melbourne Australia

Name: Nitish Srivastava


Telephone: 0422 272 247

Address: level 3, 818 Bourke Street, Docklands, Melbourne Victoria

  • I often meet my clients as a result of either a recent event in the client’s life or because a client needs to make a financial decision. Some examples of the more common events are:
  • I’d like to buy a house in 5 years time, what should I put in place now to make this possible?
  • I am 55+ years old, what can I do to maximise my retirement income?
  • I’d like to put my children through private education but can I afford to do this?
  • I have more than 1 superannaution accounts, should I consolidate them?
  • I have recently received a lump sum due to a redundancy/property sale/inheritance. Should I invest it in shares, put it in super, or is there an alternative?
  • Whatever stage in life you’re at, I will work with you to assist in achieving your goals and objectives.

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