The Effects of Different Colours and What they Represent in Astrology

The Effects of Different Colours and What they Represent in Astrology

In Ancient Greek times, the sun was known as God, due to the source of light and heat it produces. In ancient Greek and Hindu scriptures, the sun illuminated a gold colour and people thought that the sun was only gold in colour, however as it turned out the light the sun produces actually is made up of seven different colours. These 7 colours consist of violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, yellow, Orange and red. To find out more information about ancient Hindu astrology and how the colours are effected their lives, simply make an appointment with a Hindu Astrologer in Melbourne to find out more extensive information.

Astrologers in Melbourne have a keen interest in the studies and effect of light and colour and how it has effects on people in general. In the ancient Hindu Astrology scriptures, the term Jyothisha means Related to light! Jyothisha is basically the study and effect of celestial light and it’s primal importance to the sun, known as the one to give light and it’s positioning with other planets and how it reflect the light.

The Science Behind Colour

Our bodies carry energy within us, according to Einstein energy can be converted into mass. Scientifically, when mass vibrates at the speed of light, then it is converted back to energy. Mass is associated with energy and because we carry mass within our physical body, we also carry energy within us.

When it comes to various colors, Hindu Astrologers know that they have different wavelengths attached to them. In general, when the wavelength energy flow is less, the general energy flow will be increased.

Colours such as purple or violet will show a low wave length compared to colours that are bold and bright in colour such as bright yellow and strong bold red. So in general, the colour violet has more energy than other colours . Various colours will carry different energies and they will also have a impact and influence on our body, mind and spirit.

Scientifically we know that 98% of light enters our body through our eyes and the remainder is absorbed through our skin. Light is absorbed during the day time from the sun and by the moon in the night time. Indian Hindu Astrologers have an extensive knowledge on how the sun, moon and planets relate to the the eyes and eye sight, they understand how the connection between the nerve in the eye connects with the to the hypothalamus gland to the brain. When the brain receives light from the eyes, the hypothalamus then secretes a hormone known as serotonin. Serotonin increase during the day, once more light is absorbed by the eyes, thus stimulating the hypothalamus.

In ancient times, Indians believed that various colours of light could heal diseases, in modern day times scientists such as lotsche and Dinshaw Ghadiali have proven and demonstrated that colours can cure over 120 different types of diseases.

This is possible scientifically by the pineal gland, once the light enters the gland, the light is then dispersed to other endocrine glands throughout the body. The reaction results in a spark like movement throughout the nerves. Hindu Astrologers know these as energy centres, better known as CHAKRAS! The chakras in our bodies are highly responsive to bright light and the colours that are within them.

Colour is also present in Indian Yoga routines, the chakras within the body are designated specific with colours. Each colour has a certain response, so when our glands are exposed to particular colours our hormones change, therefore our bodies are controlled by the exposure to certain colors. In general our brains are sensitive to light and are also highly responsive to wavelengths.

Colours and How They Affect Our Body

The Colour Red and Chakra: The colour red is always considered to be the colour of fire. Red is a highly dynamic nature, it represents actions of courage, inner fear, introversion and laziness and reflects feeling of anger, frustration and quickness.

The colour red has been used by Hindu Astrologers in Melbourne to help cure anemia, asthma, the larynx, coughs and skin irritations.

The colour red can quite often be associated with the root chakra, it is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the gonads. The Gonads represent the ovaries in females and the testis in males, they are related to the reproductive system and an issue that you may be having in that part of the body.

The Colour orange is the colour of optimism, it is quite often used in patience with mental illness, depression, discontent and in people who have a pessimistic outlook. The colour orange can aid in medical cases such as cardio, loss of appetite, anorexia and the digestive system. The Sacral chakra, also known by Hindu Astrologers as the Swaadhistana chakra, is located at the pelvis area and is related to the pancreas. The pancreas is known to regulate the body’s hormone secreting system. The produces produces vital hormones, the two main hormones are called insulin and glucagon. Working hand in hand, these two main hormones work to steady the level of glucose or sugar within the blood.

The Colour yellow is all about the solar plexis, according to Indian yoga and Indian Astrologers, the colour yellow is applied when trying to eliminate glandular diseases and strengthen the lymphatic system and strengthen the nervous system. Yellow is also used to influence the solar plexus, also know by Indian Astrologers as the Manipoora chakra, its’ the third chakra that is located just above the belly button, it represents the adrenal glands. Out adrenals produce hormones that influence and regulate our salt and water balance within our body. The colour yellow also responds to our stress levels, metabolism within our body, our overall immune system that keeps us healthy.

The Colour Green, is know in Indian Astrology as the heart chakra, this colour helps to improve the overall memory sustainability and intelligence within a person. The colour green is a fabulous way to help stimulate dull minds and is particularly helpful for students who need to stimulate their minds.

The colour green is associated with ailments such as joint pain and swelling and has been known to help aid the treatment of whooping cough and bronchitis. The colour green has also been known to help aid healing in other health areas such as eye diseases, diabetics and cysts. Green is the colour associated with the heart chakra, know to Indian Astrologers as the chakra, this chakra is located just behind the breast bone, also known as the sternum, just in the front part of the chest area. The Thymus has the ability to assist the growth and development of the embryo.

The Colour Blue is well known to be the colour of feeling calm and relaxed. It is used and applied in physical ailments such as headaches and migraines, furthermore the colour blue is commonly used in providing pain relief in patients who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. For those people who suffer from stomach pains, muscle cramps and liver disorders, the colour blue may offer some relief to you.

The colour blue is known to be used as the throat chakra in Indian Astrology and Indian yoga. This chakra is known as the Visudha chakra. Associated with the thyroid gland, the colour blue is used to represent the thyroid gland that is inside your throat. Its main goal is to help maintain the mental stability and development of our nature. Developing children and teenagers require the thyroid to work properly in order to aid in developing strong bones, a healthy nervous system and the development of their brains.

The colour Indigo is also known as the third eye, this colour is believed to be the colour that reflects the feeling of cooling. The colour Indigo is commonly attached to the development of our psyche and our intuition. Indigo is commonly used in treatments that help aid issues with your eyes, ears and nose. Patients with mental problems can use the colour Indigo to help aid them in healing, many people with addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse have benefitted from using the colour Indigo on their road to recovery as it contains a calming effect.

The colour Indigo, the third eye, is also known in Indian Astrology as the Aajna chakra, this chakra is associated with the pituitary gland. This gland is linked to the intellect and its sharpness. Our sentiments of love, enthusiasm, affection and self restraint are all linked and controlled to the pituitary gland. The colour Indigo can also play a very important part in the ability of the body to regulate cell growth, puberty, youth and reproductive potential. Many Indian Astrologers in Melbourne know exactly how the third eye, the colour Indigo and the pituitary gland all work in conjunction with one another.

The colour Violet is the colour that governs our emotions, it is also known to be the colour that helps us to meditate. Quite often the colour purple is used to assist in the treatment of acupuncture, the lymphatic system and is also used in the relation to the spleen. The soothing effects of the colour Violet helps to relax muscles, calm the nervous system and helps to soothe organs.

The colour violet is known as the crown chakra, known in Indian Astrology and Indian Yoga as the Sahasraara chakra, it is located at the top of the head and is associated with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a tiny gland that is located in the brain, it is linked to the mental and spiritual development and wellbeing. The crown chakra is also linked to the ability to receive light and knowledge. Indian Astrologers believe that the crown chakra allows us to get in touch with spirits, ghosts and beings from outer space. All of this is possible through the crown chakra and the colour Violet.

How We Can Use These Colours Within Astrology

Knowing this information about colours, how they can affect us and how we can use them wisely to help us heal physically, mentally and spiritually.

For example a person who is suffering from rheumatism, can consider using a blue colour light bulb of 100W within their room to expose their joints to the blue colour. You can practice doing this three times a day for around 20-30 minutes per day. This will help aid the symptoms of rheumatism and possibly relieve and eliminate the long term effects.

People who suffer from tension, body aches and pains and sleeplessness can use the colour blue in their bed lamps to help improves these symptoms and aid in the abilty to overcome them.

In the situation where a parent is looking to improve the intellectual ability within their children, you could use a green light in your child bedroom, or paint the walls in a green colour. The use of a green colour will help potentially assist your child receive and reach their full potential.

In modern day society, many people suffer from feeling lonely and depressed. Using an orange coloured lamp next to your bed may help with optimism. You can also use the oclour orange within your furnishings, add a splash of orange by adding orange curtains, cushions and bed covers. The colour orange lends towards feeling cheerful and having a more positive attitude towards life in general.

If you are the type of person who likes to meditate, recite mantras and like to practice spirituality, then try using the colour violet in your room to promote quick results.

To find out more information regarding colour in Indian Astrology and Indian Yoga, please feel free to contact an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne as they will be able to give you a detailed look into colour and how it can work for you in a mental, physical and spiritual way.

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