The Elegant Creations Sydney


The Elegant Creations Sydney

The Elegant Creations offers a never before package for grooming the Artist in you. Established in 2009 in Australia with a vision to expand worldwide. The Elegant Creations is the first Academy of its kind run by Dr. Madhvi Mohindra.

The Elegant Creations is an endeavour to garner and galvanize the entire work-force of the Entertainment Industry. The Elegant Creations offers a variety of courses in Music & Dance from Classical to todays trendiest style for all ages from beginners to advance. We aim to preserve, develop and teach the traditions of the Indian performing arts while showcasing the unique styles from various states of India. The Elegant Creations, a renowned and leading Australian Performing Arts Institute, dedicated to teaching Dance techniques, Music Vocal/Instrumental to students of all ages, from concerts to community shows to competitions. We encourage our students to perform and conquer the stage with confidence.

The objective of The Elegant Creations is to showcase distinguished, passionate, young and professional talent by offering dream performances at events and functions such as Bollywood shows, India Day Parades, Fashion shows, and other special occasions, including Award Nights, product Launch etc.

Bollywood Dance: Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. It’s a combination of classical Indiandance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra,Garba, Rajasthani etc. and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It’s fun and very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body. We teach Bollywood Dance to our students of all ages from 4 years and above.

Indian Classical Dance- Kathak: Kathak is the most prominent Classical Dance form of Northern India, developed in the temples. The word Kathak comes from the original Sanskrit word “Kathakar” which means a storyteller. “Katha kahe so kathik kahave”, which means “one who tells a story is a storyteller”. A woman storyteller was known as “Kathika” & male storyteller was known as “Kathakar”. We teach katahk to our students of all ages from 4 years and above..

Indian Folk Dances: India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Each region of the country has a unique culture, which is also prominently visible in its various art forms. Almost all the regions of the country have their specific folk music and dance, which proves to be a wonderful way of expression of their community and its traditions. We teach various folk dances to our students of all ages from 4 years and above..[.

Instrumental Music: We teach Indian Instruments( Sitar, Harmonium) to our students from the age of 10 years and above.

Vocal Music: We teach Indian Classical and light Music Vocal to the students from the age of 4 years to 15 years old.

Acting: We Teach Acting from the age of 16years and above

Events: The elegant creations has endless variety events. From your product launch and conference to theme parties, fashion show, Bollywood star nights, wedding planning Road shows and Musical concerts etc.

Opening Times

  • Monday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Thursday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Friday: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Saturday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Sunday: Closed

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi.

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