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The Fun House Family Day Care Stanhope Gardens, Sydney

Mobile: 0425 357 261
Address: 73 Ponytail Drive, Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, NSW
Suburb: Stanhope Gardens
Area: Western Sydney
City: Sydney

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The Fun House Family Day Care Stanhope Gardens, Sydney

Small number of children, approved for CCB and CCR.

A nurturing place for your child to learn and play in a family environment in small numbers. Educator to child ratio-1/4.


Opening Times
Mon to Friday….7.30 AM…7.30PM
After hours and weekend casual care provided

Contact Details

  • Name: Poonam Chhibber
  • Address: 73 Ponytail Drive, Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, NSW
  • Mobile: 0425 357 261
  • Email:
  • Website:

About Me

I hold a master’s degree in Psychology and have been a lecturer and a school counsellor. Married to a lovely person,I am a mother of two wonderful boys who support me in my work and have immense love and care for my day care children


My Family Day Care has been running since 2004 and during this time I have been through the FDCQA twice and successfully satisfied the requirements.

Children under my care will follow structured activities according to the age group to develop cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills and social and language skills. I also take them through a School Readiness Program to support the transition from Family Day Care to Kindergarten.
I work under the umbrella organisation of Early Education Family Day care Scheme. I use a Guided Discovery approach to learning during the free-play portions of the day. This means toys and activities are made available for the children to select according to individual interests and abilities. They learn at their own pace but peer interaction is encouraged. Time is set aside each day to do things together as a group such as reading stories, doing crafts, pre-academic skills such as colours, shapes, letters, numbers, and for exploring seasonal and other fun themes according to the interests of the children.

At the Fun House Family Day Care, your child will participate in developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the day, such as:

  • Story Time
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Pre-Reading Activities
  • Computer time
  • Group times
  • Show and Tell and many more
  • Recycling
  • Sustainability

My trainings

  • Diploma in Children’s services
  • Cert 111
  • Senior First aid
  • Child Development
  • Fire Awareness Training
  • Nutrition
  • School Readiness
  • Eylf
  • Masters in psychology

*Cots,Linen,Blankets,Sunscreen,Sun hats, WIPES provided



  • WEEKDAYS $8.00ph
  • Night $10.00ph

Minimum booking of 9 hours a day preferred

Hours less than 9 but not less than 7 charged @ higher rate

Casual after hours, Weekends , Evening care can be provided*


The carer plays a key role in ensuring the little ones have a homely , caring and fun loving day care experience.

Poonam has been amazing at it!

She has always ensured she pays personal attention to each of the little ones under her umbrella. She has always given us a feeling that our little son is in safe hands.

She has been amazing in formulating a routine for the little one ,be it food time, nap time , snack time or play time, which has made parents life much easier.

She has been great in giving timely feedbacks about the kid’s day to day activities , areas of improvement, suggestions on what to feed, how much to feed, quick home remedies for some of the common seasonal ailments. She has couple of times even gone two steps ahead and prepared the home remedies out of her own hands to be fed to the little one , which is so sweet of her!

If you’re ever looking for a friendly loving, and sincere carer for your little one, we would definitely recommend Poonam!

Aishwerya and Arvind Sai – 27/9/16

Dear Poonam,

I have written this small testimonial for you –

‘Our twins (the cheeky boys) are currently attending this service.
We have been extremely satisfied by the care and affection that our boys are getting here. Thank you Poonam for providing our little ones with your continuous attention and love which is all what a child really craves for.
Poonam is strengthening them with the educational and developmental activities throughout the day.
The story does not ends here, she goes out of the way to even guide me as to how I can provide best nutrition and physical development for the kids.
If someone wants to experience the true meaning of a ‘family day care’ for their kids; this is the perfect place to be.’

Thanks,  Puneet – 15/3/15

My son Neevstarted day care with Poonam when he was 8 months old. These days for financial stability and a decent living, both parents ought to be working. Hence my wife was planning to get back to work. We were worried about Neev’s look after, as we do not have any other family support. This was the crucial time for us, and Neev not only needed motherly hands to be nursed, but also we needed some one whom we could depend upon, a professional who can groom our precious one. God has sent Angel in the form of Mrs Poonam Chhiber to back us up. I remember the first day when we left Neev for 2 hours, and we waited in the park, just next to Poonam’s day care just in case. But all went off well and no complaints. Then the following day and there after we gradually increased the time of Neev’s stay and luckily we got a full time position for Neev with Poonam. Since then it’s been Neev’s second home. He is pampered by all in Poonam’s day care.

Soon Neev became part of Poonam’s family and this homely and healthy environment is what we were seeking for Neev’s upliftment. Soon Neev started to take his first baby steps under Poonam’s care. Every new development in Neev’s upbringing was professionally captured by Poonam,s camera clicks and passed on to us. An awesome surprise came to our door step on mother’s day when Poonam visited us personally to gift us the card which has hand prints of Neev with a unforgetful message for Neev’s mum. Time passed by and Neev started to walk by himself. Next was Neev’s time to speak and he learnt his first word “Aunta” as Poonam is known to all kids as Aunty Poonam. One evening when we brought him back home, and realised Neev calling his mum “Aunta” over and over. As soon as we drop him in the morning at Poonam’s day care, we can see he him hugging and cuddling Poonam’s and then, he starts playing with other kids, who are also waiting for Neev’s arrival. This gives a sigh of relief to us, that he is not only in safe hands but also he is in a place where is loves to spend his time. After Neev and other kids have breakfast together, his daily curriculum includes playing with other kids in Poonam’s backyard after applying a sunscreen, digs he backyard with his hat and sun goggles on. Then he gets morning snacks, music time which includes singing rhymes and dancing while watching the DVD which Poonam changes everday. Then he has his afternoon nap while drinking his bottle of milk. After getting up, its nappy change time followed by lunch and the fun begins again. He shares his snacks with other kids and developed the caring and sharing habits. Now time to learn alphabets, counting, recognising animals and lots of other fun activities. One day when we took him to the beach and bought him the beach toys, we were surprised to see he started to dig the sand and kept filling the bucket and pointed out to mum to put his hat on. His learning capabilities have certainly boosted after joining Poonam’s day care. We often think how fortunate we have been to have such a wonderful place for my child to spend his time while we have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working parents, then to know their child is being very well looked after by people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for their children as they do. Full marks to Poonam’s professional approach after witnessing all the above. The internal peace of mind as a parent cannot be defined in words. We recommend Poonam as a motherly carer who studies the child’s psychology and responds to their needs accordingly. Poonam’s day care has proven to be a boon for us and another home for Neev. We recommend Poonam’s day care to all prospective parents looking for a peace of mind in terms of a safety and professional motherly care.

Shiba and Vikrant Chaudhri

Poonam has been wonderful in taking care of my daugher Shreya. Shreya has been going to Poonams’s place since she was one. We find her very professional, cooperative and very much caring all these days. She is always very cooperative when it comes to a child’s physical and emotional development. She is always energetic and enthusiastic and the kids like her a lot. She is always very keen to teach the kids and make them more intellectual.

We notice a lot of difference in shreya’s learning after she started going to Poonam.

Poonam responds to queries immediately. There was an instance when I had a concern about my daughter which I was not sure about.
I only noticed it after 7PM and sent an SMS to Poonam as I did not want to call and disturb her after hours. But to my suprise, she called me immediately and asked what is happening with her and also thanked me to letting her know about it. She always calls to check if the child is unwell at home. It is quite amazing that she has never said that she won’t be able to take care of the child even if the child is a little bit sick. Also she has been really very understanding when we are a little bit late to pickup Shreya in the evenings.

We always found her very supportive, patient and understanding, even when Shreya’s health needed continuous attention.

Shreya is now 2yrs old, talks a lot. She can indetify all the alpabets and numbers and can identify more than 100 animals and reptiles. I’m sure she has learnt lot of these from Poonam”s place.She is always very keen to go to Poonam’s place and happy to see Poonam in the mornings. We are happy at work as we know our daughter is happy and safe at Poonam’s place.

Over all Poonam had been wonderful all these days we are very much happy that our daughter is part of her family day care.

Vijayvani Vaidyanathan

Poonam Chhibber has looked after my two children since they were both under a year old. Although I was anxious about leaving each child when I returned to work, I was reassured by the individual attention and care provided to them by Poonam.

My daughter Jaya has been looked after by Poonam since she was 9 months old. Jaya is now a confident and outgoing child and ready to start school next year. Poonam has contributed to her development by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment in her early years. Although Jaya started pre-school this year, I kept her at Poonam’s for one day a week because of the close friendships she has made with the other children there.

My son Raahi is almost 2 years old and has been cared for by Poonam for the past year. Poonam gave him special attention initially to help him settle in during his first few weeks in day care and he now happily interacts with the other children.

Apart from the initial 2 weeks or so when they each started, neither of my children have ever expressed any reluctance to attend day care at Poonam’s. Poonam provides them with a range of activities to keep them occupied and facilitate their learning anddevelopment. Jaya and Raahi have often come home with crafts or drawings they have made during the day. Poonam has also helped them develop their social skills by teaching them to say ‘sorry’ and play co-operatively with the other children.

Most importantly however, I feel my children are well looked after when I am at work. I know that their individual needs will be met and they will be cared for if they are upset, hungry or tired.
Over the past 4 years that I have had an association with Poonam as carer for my children, I have had no cause for complaint. Her warmth and generosity has been a wonderfully positive influence on Jaya and Raahi and she has provided them with a safe and happy environment. It is therefore without any hesitation that I recommend Poonam to any parent looking for day care.

Gulshan Singh – 16.12.10

Every evening when Raian returns from Poonam’s place, I ask him “how was your day?” and he replies, “ I like aunty Poonam”, and that gives me the reassurance and peace of mind which no recommendation or testimonial could ever provide. Raian has been going to Poonam’s place since he was only 8 months old and now he is 3 years old and has become a sweet natured, intelligent, disciplined, considerate young person and a lot of the credit goes to his aunty Poonam for that.

He has learned social skills like playing with other children, not hitting them, sharing, having a laugh together, independent skills such as eating on his own, putting on his socks, shoes, tidying up after playtime and much more. He enjoys the games that he plays at aunty Poonam like puzzles, painting, learning alphabets, rhymes, numbers and so on. The best thing that I have noticed about Poonam is that her activity changes as per the age group. She follows a very structured programme which matches the right activity with the right age group of the children and hence the children learn those skills and also have fun while doing so.

Poonam keeps a very open channel of communication and keeps us up to date with all the rules and regulation that we need to follow as parents keeping children at the family day care. She is very professional and takes her work very seriously, she is always reading about new ways to improve caring for kids and provides me with articles, books, reading materials or websites whenever she comes across a good topic dealing with children, be it nutrition for kids, play ideas, good bargain to buy books for them etc.

She keeps me informed about all of the development milestones of Raian, so I know when he started learning his shapes, colours, counting, drawing circles or learning to say please and thank you. Poonam was the one to notice that he has flat feet and we checked with the doctor and it turned out he did have flat feet. We also did a hearing test as she was concerned. We have a peace of mind knowing that Poonam is there even if something has slipped our eyes. Her background in psychology helps us in the form of her suggestions, pointers in every step of the way.

When I was due to give birth to my second child Rameen, I needed to organise someone to take care of Raian when I would be in the hospital as I don’t have any relatives in Sydney. I didn’t even think of any one else to keep Raian I knew he wouldn’t be as comfortable anywhere else as he is with his aunty Poonam and no one would understand how he is feeling and what he needs better than Poonam. Poonam was the one who reassured me through my whole pregnancy, not to worry about Raian during my labour or staying at the hospital, she would be there for Raian and she was. I could go on saying how professional Poonam is or how much Raian has learned from her but the best thing about Poonam is that Poonam’s day care is a home away from home for Raian and he is like a member of Poonam’s family and what more can I ask for.

As Raian would say, “Thank you aunty Poonam”.

Saima- mother of Raian – 3years, and Rameen – 4 months – 14/10/2009.


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