The Ultimate Rest- End of Year -1/2 Day Retreat with Kaya in Brisbane, 17th December 2017

The Ultimate Rest Retreat – 1/2 day End of Year Retreat – with Kaya.

Time to switch off totally and give back to the amazing body that carries you so graciously round from day-to-day.

What we will explore together –
Yin Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Gentle Movement
Meditation/ Pranayama/Chanting
Nourishing Organic Vegetarian Meal and Sweet Treat

This half day retreat is perfectly timed toward the end of the year on the wind-down towards your Christmas break.

This time of year gets busy and frantic and its often a challenge to find that little bit of ‘me’ time. Well here it is! This half day retreat explores Yoga to promote the ultimate in deep restoration, stillness and surrender.

We will explore deep and delicious Yin Yoga, experimenting with long slow holds to lull the body into states of meditative bliss, inviting the energy channels in the body to find new vitality and clear out blockages, toxins and negative energy that may be causing us to feel slugglish or ‘out of sorts’.

The psychological and emotional benefits of a Yin Practice are enormously healing for our entire wellbeing.

The long holds in a single still Yin posture becomes a time of inner reflection, meditation and peace. The nervous system is calmed, the mind stilled, and in this state the body returns to its natural healthy rhythm.

Following our Yin Practice we will literally roll into some yummy restorative poses, bringing out the props and getting comfortable on our bolster, blocks and blankets whilst we enter even further into our para sympathetic nervous systems where we can continue our process of ‘letting go’.

Restorative Yoga encourages Mindfullness due to the expanded awareness of mind and body that comes through the practice.

The slower pace and deep breathing that we get in a restorative yoga class triggers the parasympathetic nervous system from the very first pose.

This helps to reduce effects of the regular fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to your physiology and well-being.

The overall calming effect on the nervous system relaxes us so deeply and comforts our minds and bodys right down to the cellular level.

Before our Meditation begins will play with gentle hatha poses to re- connect with a little movement experimenting with poses that encourage deep connection with self, using the breath to invite a deeper edge and staying away from any force or any dynamic movement. This gentle movement will prepare us to sit in meditation.

Our meditation and pranayama will involve even more deeply relaxing meditative techniques, including stillness meditation, minfullness practices, internalising silent mantra and gentle chanting.

We will close our session and follow our delightful afternoon of deep restoration with a delicious home cooked organic vegetarian meal with healthy sweet treat , herbal tea and wonderful company.

Give back to yourself with the 1/2 day retreat and end the year in deep, delicious bliss and inner peace.

Investment – $90
Earlybird $ 80 if paid before Nov 10th
PM Kaya to book in – Numbers are limited, (payment plans always available by arrangement)


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