Tiffins Melbourne City, VIC

Tiffins Melbourne City, VIC

The Tiffin culture as we know it today evolved over the last 120 years. The secret to its success has been its punctuality and accurate delivery to the intended recipient.

The tiffin culture ensures the delivery of a fresh and healthy meal which is still steaming hot when it gets to your meal table.

Tiffin, an Anglo-Indian term meaning “light lunch or midday meal,” originates in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), where everyday hundreds of thousands of office workers receive hand-delivered meals prepared by their spouses or family member.

These meals arrive in airtight containers which are stacked one on top of the other for easy eating.

At Tiffins Melbourne, we provide Melbournians with authentic Indian food delivered in a similar spirit to this enduring Indian tradition.

Cooked by our talented chefs, meals are created from the very freshest seasonal ingredients available and delivered to your place of work or home with reliable punctuality.

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