Veridian Powered By Purpose, Narre Warren, Melbourne, VIC

Veridian Powered By Purpose, Narre Warren, Melbourne, VIC

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Viridian Energy offers a powerful opportunity to capitalize on the fast growing retail energy industry and help the environment at the same time. Together we can create a better world for all – one human connection, smart innovation and generous action at a time.


  • We offer products that help the environment, not harm it. Kind of simple, huh?


  • We attract and empower people who not only care, but take action.


We support and participate in initiatives that make a big difference all over the world. Every customer makes a difference!  Live your life and help the planet, too. We offer affordable Click Energy products that help you offset your carbon emissions globally, making it easy to make a big difference. Since 2009 our U.S. customers have avoided more than 3210822131 kilos of CO2 

  • That’s equivalent to: 82,328,773 / Tree seedlings planted
  • 50,541,364,586/ 2-litre bottles recycled

Light the world

For every month you’re a customer, we’ll donate one day of power to a family that really needs it. And spread the light in other ways you’ll be proud to be part of, too. 1 month 1 day.

Australia’s newest power couple

Click Energy has just begun partnering with Viridian to bring competitive electricity and gas offers to Australian households. And that’s good news, because through Click Energy’s Viridian Simply Right plans, 50% of your energy use will be counter-balanced by Viridian’s purchase of international carbon offsets.


  • You belong here!

Calling all social entrepreneurs (no experience required): Here’s your chance to own a turnkey, purpose-driven business. You get top-notch training, plus an inspiring community of Viridian Associates who are as invested in your success as they are in their own. Share the love!


  • Live your life. Change the world.

Choosing Click Energy’s Viridian Simply Right plans is easy, and immediately makes you part of something important and immensely powerful. It’s really pretty amazing: Simply by using your energy, you can make a big difference for our planet and everyone on it. What’s not to love?


Making a difference around the world. One community. One family. One home. One tree. One sustainable project at a time.

Your one, simple choice supports initiatives that create lasting impact all over the world. Projects close to home, like beach cleanups and trail clearings, and as far-flung as solar power for remote, off-grid communities. Become a Viridian customer today, and help spread light and hope around the globe.











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