[VIDEO] Parmajit Singh – Shop Keeper Punched in Face by Customer!

Parmajit Singh – Shop Keeper Punched in Face by Customer!

On Wednesday the 4th of January Parmajit Singh an Indian eatery owner was punched in the face repeatedly when he tried to stop a customer from leaving the store when he failed to pay for a loaf of bread. Mr Singh was injured during the incident and sustained a bruise on his right eye due to the offender’s attack!

Parmajit Singh and his wife, the owners of┬áDuke Street Food Mart in Hastings, did their best to fend of the attacker, however he repeatedly punched Parmajit Singh in the face, it wasn’t until Mr Singh’s wife threatened the offender with an axe that the attacker backed down.

Mr Singh said he is originally from Jalandhar in India and only purchased the shop around six months ago, he also mention the perpetrator quite often purchased items from him on credit promising to pay him at a later stage and never did. Just a few day’s ago, Paramjit Singh asked the man to pay the balance of his account and the perpetrator flat out refused! That’s when Mr Singh decided to stop selling to the man and his family!

Below, A Video of the Attack on Mr Parmajit Singh

The Incident Happened in Full View of Other Customers

The whole incident happened right in full view other customers that were in the store, Mr Singh’s young family were also present at the time of the attack! One of the customers that witnessed the whole incident quickly called the police and reported the incident.

Unfortunately the perpetrator is still on the run and police are currently looking for him, however his 26 year old wife has been currently arrested by police sue to the threats she made to Mr Singh and family, she will be brought to justice shortly in front of the Hastings Court for threats towards the shop keeper and his family.

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