Vision Quest, Shamanic Retreat in Merredin, 21st September 2017

How often do we set aside the time to reflect on our lives and where we are in life. It’s easy to get caught up in the business of our world and ignore that inner voice and calling for self nurturing and guidance.

A quiet place in nature is the perfect setting to be still and to ask the questions that speak to us. And to help find the answers to these questions we invite you to participate in your unique Vision Quest experience.

Together we will create a sanctuary where we can share in Ceremony, including Sweat Lodge ceremony, Healing, Mythology, and three days spent in your sacred medicine wheel to receive your Vision Quest.

And it will be our honour to support you in your journey.

Both Simone and Michael have experienced several Vision Quests ranging from 3 to 9 days of fasting and reflection.

It can be joyful as you connect further with nature. It can be a challenging experience, but perhaps that is the journey that will lead to the answers that you need. Time will tell.

We encourage you to join us for a 5 day retreat near Merredin WA.

Everyones journey will be different.

Everyones lives will be reflected back at them.

Everyone will ask questions.

Everyone will receive answers.

Everyone will be supported.

Retreat dates are 21st till 25th September 2017 inc.

Cost: $550 pp or early bird special of $500 if paid before 21st August.

Please contact Michael on 0417534647 for an information pack or to find out more.

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