Yuva Gujarat Harris Park, Sydney, NSW

Yuva Gujarat Harris Park, Sydney, NSW

Welcome to the official site of the “Yuva Gujarat” Gujarati Association of Australia, a cultural, charitable, and educational organization based in Australia.

The Yuva Gujarat is one of the largest cultural organizations in the Australia, with thousands of Gujarati-speaking members and supporters.

Australian census data indicates that there are more than 40000 people speak Guajarati in Australia whom Yuva Gujarat aim to serve.

Yuva Gujarat started has been successfully hosting events like Navratri, Diwali and bhajan. Moreover, Yuva Gujarat sponsor events for entertainment like picnic, drama, concert and sports tournaments.

The key mission of Yuva Gujarat is to unite Gujarati community around Australia and perpetuate rich Gujarati culture.

How Yuva Gujarat started…….

The framework of Yuva Gujarat was set in 2010, it has since grown to one of the most active Indian organizations in the Australia, holding many exciting cultural and recreational events that bring uncountable Gujaratis together.We started with very small group of people in Sydney.

We slowly started gathering people with similar interest and values across Australia and now we have Yuva Gujarat teams in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Our Vision:

  1. Our mission is to champion the Gujarati people to grow personally, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually by using compassion, unique perspective, and belief in Guajarati’s inherent goodness, integrity, and enormous potential to help each other. We provide a community for those who find joy in celebrating the Gujarati culture and Gujarati people.
  2. The “Yuva Gujarat” Gujarati Association of Australia vision is to help the Gujarati community to prosper in life while still maintaining a positive focus on serving the community, family, and other organizations.
  3. We encourage friendship among members with entertainment and sporting events, and educate youth about Gujarati customs.
  4. The key mission of Yuva Gujarat is to unite Gujarati community around Australia and perpetuate rich Gujarati culture.
  5. Honouring prominent Gujarati’s with different awards
  6. To bring community together by motivating and promoting activity that increase social interaction such as festival and event celebration, sports, Recreation and other voluntary activities of significant community benefit.
  7. To provide community support and assistance in welfare, social and economic matter.
  8. To organise and celebrate the cultural activities for community with their support
  9. To create donation/ charity for the benefit of community member by providing free services, scholarship, and assistance program.
  10. To promote and nurture all activities for development of Gujarati language and culture among our future generation.
  11. To work along with our community association around Australia and work as a team to achieve the goals of Yuva Gujarat.
  12. To establish, develop and maintain a community sports and cultural centre for the use and benefit of member of organisations and of the community.
  13. To encourage and support community to participate in activities such as sports, charity, and education.
  14. To cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Gujarati language, music, arts, culture, and cuisine amongst all Australian.
  15. To represent Guajarati community on big platform bringing benefits for community.

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